New World Weave Leveling Material List Guide

New World Weave Leveling Material List Guide

New World Weave Leveling Material.

Playing games made by Amazon Game Studios is a lot of fun. Playing the RPG genre in massive multiplayer and online will add to the excitement from grinding to crafting. Although it is fun, reading the guide can be tedious and difficult, which is why we are going to share a list of materials and a little guide for weaving leveling in the New World. Read this list!

Where Can I Find Plants for Weaving?

  • Fiber

Located in Windsward, you have to go there and farm enough fiber to purify it and make it silk or linen.

  • Silk Thread

Go to the Weavers’ Fen around the Marsh Walker’s Repsite shrine to collect silk threads.

  • Wirefiber

If it’s difficult to find the Shrine Gatherer’s Road, you can use the interactive map used by other players in the New World player community. Then, go to Edengrove and get wirefiber.

How to Weave Leveling Faster in the New World?

For those of you, players who are worried about running out of time, your worries will disappear by following the 8 steps we got from professional players with high experience.

  • Step 1

Windsward has 1564 fibers of farm fiber.This is because you will need it for the next step.

  • Step 2

Use Make Linen to produce +36 weaving experience. You can use the fiber you have collected.

  • Step 3

Buy wireweave at the Trading Post or do a chest run. In fact, buying wireweave is more reliable than making it, since you need a weaving skill at level 150 and a loom at tier 5.

  • Step 4

Make sateen to gain +190 weaving experience. You have to make as many as 805 sateen to achieve it.

  • Step 5

Farm Silk Threads that you can get by harvesting silkweed

  • Step 6

To gain +1665 weaving experience, craft silk. To be precise, you have to make 713 silks, each of which is made of silk threads, cloth weave, and sateen.

  • Step 7

Farm Wirefiber in Edengrove. It looks easy, but you must have harvesting skills at level 175.

  • Step 8

Make Infused Silk to get +8470 weaving experience and reach the maximum level of weaving, which is level 200.
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