New World Guide: All Elite Chests and Hidden Puzzle Elite Chest in Malevolence

Haven’t you heard that we can get secret Elite Chests in Malevolence? Many are still confused and have difficulty with how to get it. Some are still asking how to get it and can it be obtained solo? Check out the reviews from our professional players!

Can You Get Hidden Elite Chests Solo?

Yes, you can get it solo as long as you have reached level 60. This is because this location is an elite area with a level of 66, which means that loot chests here might be very helpful if you focus and farm << farm ganti “upgrade your” expertise.

How to Get Hidden Elite Chests?

New World. Go to Genesis of Malevolence by teleporting from Valord Hold Outpost. Make sure you bring enough supplies, such as blight tincture and health potions. Arriving at Malevolence, from the beginning, we were on the 1st floor and headed to the 4th floor. Arriving on the 4th floor, you will enter a gate guarded by a monster called “Alcazarian Formation.”

Then go on and follow the path. After seeing that there are two monsters on guard, as quickly as possible, turn to the right (window). After arriving at the window, follow the existing route.

Maybe you’re used to the daily chest run, which has spread out on the New World forum. However, if you don’t know the location of the existing daily chest, then we will share it with you.

  1. First Elite Chests Summon Altar

Of course, after completing the existing challenges, you can get the first chest on the first floor, or rather in the summon altar area, which is the entrance to the tower.

  1. Second Chest Mid Summon Altar Bear Boss

As the name suggests, you must defeat the Bear Boss to get this second chest. For the location, you just need to continue exploring the tower you entered and look at each altar. Sometimes, chests resemble altar stones, so you can skip them without realizing it.

  1. Third Chest Hole in The Wall

This third chest is located in a hole in the wall that will outwit you and a challenge that will hone your speed.

  1. Fourth Chest Sleeping Bear

You will enter the direction of the gate guarded by a monster called “Alcazarian Formation.” You have to lure out the monster or ran all the way to a room that contain the chest. But when you were chased by the monster, you have to run, try to survive until the monster retreat. So you can loot the chest.

  1. Fifth Chest Wizard

Heading to the 4th floor discussed earlier, enter and follow the path. Either you can meet a group of mobs or one wizard. After seeing monsters on guard, all you have to do is survived and ran past them. Then turn left and wait for the monsters to retreat. After that return back and stick to the left side.

The Last Hidden Elite Chests

Continuing after you get the fifth chest, Find a room with light that is quite strange and quite attention-grabbing but can trigger adrenaline and curiosity about what is in it and the challenges in it. Complete the challenge and get the fourth chest. Uniquely, you have to leave the room, climb under the tree, and do parkour, following the route after under the tree until you find a clear area. 

For some reason, you can’t see this hidden chest from the window. After you finish, you can take the route outside the tower through the window, and you will meet Malevolence, who is like a giant monster that has a lot of good drops, such as weaponsmith’s pants, which are quite expensive.

Having trouble finding all the chests?

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