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Mesmer is mesmerizing; pun intended this character is did appear appealing in the Guild wars 2. It is not only about their looks, but also their skills and abilities. Since they are the master of manipulating their surroundings, they only wear light armor. However, when they are inside the team, the unique utility kit makes them welcomed. Interested? Here is more info for you.

Specialization Of Mesmer

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1. Mesmer Main Features

Master of Deception is what you call this profession. Mesmerizing plus fooling the enemies with illusion and clones is your main power. When they are being funny, you can destroy it for a bonus effect and slay the foes.
In this case, Mesmer uses a wide range of utility and supporting skills, making this character one of the most beneficial in the group. Other than that, you got Stealth magic that will be great to evade or blocking any incoming attack.

2. The Elite Of Mesmer

Guild wars 2 service

The first elite Mesmer profession is Mirage. If you try this, you will be able to replace the dodging skill with the Mirage cloak. It will make you invisible, evading enemies attack, and use it along with Ambush skills. Your specialization as Mirage focuses on the deception abilities, changing positions, and shadow stepping while wielding axes.
How about Chronomancer? This elite is a great time manipulator and Alacrity provider. You can recharge yourself or your allies faster than usual. Along with that, this elite can increase speed attack using Quickness and creating an alternative timeline with Continuum Split Ability. All in all, this elite is cool and very crucial for the team.
This character is one of the great options for you who are looking for fun gameplay. But reaching the specialization needs leveling up that taken lot of time. If you don’t want to waste your time, try to hire Guild Wars 2 service from MMOPilot. They can help you conserve your time and get the profession under a week. Don’t be shy! They are professionals that offer inexpensive costs. So, don’t forget to check them out!

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