Lost Ark Skill Points Guide Tower, Tome, And Quest

Lost Ark Skill Points Guide Tower, Tome, And Quest

It is best to say that Lost Ark is a pretty experimental MMORPG with unique gameplay, visuals, and some skill aspects. The skill points by itself are pretty distinctive among the regular MMORPG. You can see it from how complex the process is to gain enough or max points for your characters. 

It is especially true if you are reaching combat level 55 and 60. You will be in level 11 or 12, which means you can get 60 extra skills from the game through several activities. In this guide, we got you the Tower, tome, and quest. 

Tower guide 

Climbing towers is the basic thing you can do in Lost Ark. But in this level you got two type of towers that demand a pretty high item level (> 420). The towers are in Shadespire with 2 skill points given each in level 20 and 50. The second tower is at fatespire. If you can, conquer both their chances of getting 12 skill points from the whole tower collection. 

Adventure Tome guide 

Getting skill points from tome take times and progress as it need you to do side quests, vistas, hidden quests, killing monster, or collecting items. You can grind the tome on 5 continents with a total of 18 skill points around 80% completion. Those continents are East Luterra, North Vern, Shushire, Rohendel, and Punika. 

Quest guide 

Completing guests related to the skill points will give you at least 27 points. Some are in dungeons, which may force you to revisit an old dungeon in the previous story. But most of them are pretty straightforward and the places are spread around the entire world of Arkesia. 

Remember that this is just a glimpse of the long process in skill points collection in Lost ark. Yes, it takes time. And yes, it is a hassle to grind every day. So if you find it too much or has no time, consider our game booster services. Check our catalog in MMOPILOT