Lost Ark Skill Points Guests Guides – All Related Guests

Lost Ark Skill Points Guests Guides - All Related Guests

It is given that skill points are important in the Lost Ark. As the story goes, you will get at least 27 skill points throughout the endgame journey. But it will force you to revisit some past dungeons or stories. With that, you have a lot to do. What are they? Here are some of them 

1. East Luttera 

Do the “a light cast over the dark fields” it is an easy quest found in the castle. Follow the instructions to finish it. 

2. Anikka 

The “eggs in the sky” quest chain is what you have to finish. It will take you to 3 separate zones starting from Port City Changhun, Rattan Hill, and Twilight mist. 

3. Shushire

Complete “the hidden robber” quest from Shushire. It is pretty easy as you can initiate the quest by an item drop from killing rats in the Frozen Sea zone. Generally you need to farm them. 

4. Serenity Isle 

Complete “the Stone of power’ chain quest. This is probably the hardest as you need to do 2 dungeons, in Moral Ruins and Tortoyks heart. You also need to kill the boss, Thanatos in the Moral Ruins. You can gain better reward with hard mode in both Moral Ruin.  

5. Rohendel 

There are two quests in Rohendel, the Awakening (The Sunset) and the Return trip. Both take time to finish and are only available after finishing the world quest of Rohendel. The Return trip includes Finishing Repairing the seal site quest 7 times, 5 yellow quests, and Tower of thanks.  

6. Feiton 

Complete the Feiton Main quest to unlock “those buried in the dark ground” quest. The quest will be available from Kaldor in the castle.

After that you will start “the Last melody of a requiem” from Kaldor. It will take you 4 days to complete.  

7. Punika 

The last one is eternal love, composed of a 5 part quest chain. Follow the instructions as everything is known as the hidden quest from the NPCs. 

You can see that the quest list to get the skill points is pretty long and take times. If you find it troublesome, check MMOPILOT game booster service. We can help you with affordable deal.