Lost Ark Skill Points Collectibles, Island Souls, And Hearts

Lost Ark Skill Points Collectibles, Island Souls, And Hearts

One of the game processes you should not forget in Lost Ark is Skill collecting skill points. As much as it sounds like an easy thing to do, gathering skill points comes in many ways and needs a lot more than just a mission. If you are trying to max out your character, here are three methods to get the points. 


Among the many things that can give you skill points, collectibles are the given and easiest thing to do. It is because the MMO game always has their collectibles in every mission and as the story progresses. In Lost Ark, you will get Island Souls, Ignea Tokens, Omnium Stars, and Giant’s Heart to gather around 36 skill points. You don’t need to rush it. 

Island souls 

As said before, island souls are one of the collectibles, which can give you skill points. In the game itself, you can only get the greater skill point potion by reaching 20 islands. It can be a bit of a challenge, since the drop chance islands are a bit random. In many ways, you need luck despite the relatively easy accomplishment from island souls. It is also part of the story, so take your time.  

Giant heart 

Giant hearts are the next collectible that is likely for you to do some quest, gameplay, or simply shopping from merchants in several towns. One thing that you need to underline is that the collection only gives you 4 skill points, two as you have 4 hearts and another two after 10 hearts. 

There are methods to get the heart, including doing quest, rapport, Una’s taks, and PvE towers. But you can also buy three of them in Atlas island, Blackfang den’s and freedom island. 

The fact that Lost Ark has many mechanisms that might force one to work harder, it is best to enjoy the process. It can take more time than you think. So, if you find it too much to do by yourself, consider our help from MMOPILOT. We got you some services to keep the game running and gathering the points.