Lost Ark Guide: How Shadowhunter Leveling

Lost Ark Guide: How Shadowhunter Leveling

Looking for Lost Ark’s Shadowhunter Leveling Guide? We have it. But first of all, welcome to our tutorial. All you need to do is read this until the end and try it as soon as possible!


Maybe most of you know about Shadowhunter, but let us explain it to the newbie that reads this. Shadowhunter possessed a demonized identity, had low cooldowns, and was extremely mobile.But on the other hand, the Shadowhunter has small Area of Effect (AoE) skills. The good news is that do Shadowhunter leveling is easy. You can get to level 50 fast and immediately after reading this guide.

Shadowhunter’s abilities are mostly AoEs with a small range or narrow lines with a greater range. Thankfully, she may use Demon’s Grip to draw adversaries close before slamming them with Demonic Clone, Thrust Impact, or Decimate. Shadowhunter uses back strikes against bosses to maximize her damage and build up her Shadowburst Meter. Then she may use Demon Mode to annihilate them.

How to do Shadowhunter Leveling?

Getting 50 in the Lost Ark is quite simple. All it does is exclusively follow your main quest (orange quest) line. You can also complete every other quest type you come across, except the roster quest (purple quest), to gain more experience and level faster. Follow the steps below carefully because it’s the important part to Shadowhunter Leveling:

  1. Rethamis

After having returned from saving Prideholme from the demon attack, Open your quest journal (J) and under the Guide Quests, accept “Learning About Pets”. Complete it to obtain a pet that will loot your items for free.

  1. Yudia
  1. West Luttera
  1. East Luttera

Once you’re finished with East Luttera and put in the Sea of Gienah or on the harbor, hide your “Finding the arks” Main quest since it wont be relevant for quite a while. 

Equip the sailor Eshu and follow the World Quest (blue quest), which leads you to Tortoyk instead. These will act as your new main quests going forward.

  1. Tortoyk
  1. Anikka
  1. Arthentine

At this point, your character should be level 50. After that, continue with the World Quest, leading you to the North Vein.

  1. North Vein

Next, follow the main story quest to Vern City until Beatrice notifies you to visit her in Trixion. Completing her questline rewards the “Decimate” and “Gate of Eruption Awakening” skills. Check what you have and consume the items to unlock the skills. 

Well, there is a good tip for all of you players. Just make sure you have the highest item level gear for leveling. You can concentrate on your swiftness combat stats as well as your crit.

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