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2 Best Regions In Guild Wars 2 . What do you think the first time you play Guild Wars 2? Another common MMORPG that have a repeating mission or guest? A game with limited map to explore? You got it wrong. GW 2 is a massive MMORPG game that keep on improving on every patch an update. Lately, the number of region is added. That means bigger area to play right? There are a total of 10 regions in this game, but let’s talk about the two most popular ones. The Heart Of Maguuma and Crystal Dessert.

Heart Of Maguuma

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This area is one of the biggest zones you can find in Guild Wars 2. It consists of some explorable zones, 2 guild halls, and one raids location. All in all, your GW 2 journey won’t be completed if you never visit this area.
In fact, tons of missions or events will lead you to heart of maguuma. Such as going to Jaka Itzel, Tarir, or teku Nuhoch in the heart of maguuma. You are either come to hunt or join certain event to get your mission done.

Crystal Desert

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2 Best Regions In Guild Wars 2 After visiting the lust green areas, now the crystal desert will please your eyes with the beauty of desert. Even though this location is heavenly, but the monsters are hellish. It is literally an area that suitable for the high leveled player (80+).
You will visit this area eventually since crystal dessert is very large. It has two raids locations, one instance, one guild hall, and 10 explorable zones.
2 Best Regions In Guild Wars 2 There are other regions that also worth to visit, or eventually you will visit. All in all, each of the regions has different atmosphere and use. Some of them are the location with certain monster you need to slay to get item collection for high tier weapon. If you find the process is difficult, hire MMOPilot for GW 2 service. They will help you get the item in no time with affordable prices. So, don’t be shy or worry, their help will certainly make you have enough IRL time.

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