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Lately, one of the online games that is popular is Guild Wars 2. This MMORPG game has its own appeal that makes its players addicted. It has attractive appearance, many kinds of items available, dynamic events, and also the many areas that players can explore. It is because there are many cities in the Guild Wars 2 battlefield arena.

It is of course also supported by the number of characters that can be selected as well as weapons items to strengthen the characters you have to choose. Not only that, you also have to master the skills of the characters chosen and their weapons. To find out more about this game, here are a list of cities in Guild Wars 2 service that you can explore while playing.

List of cities in Guild Wars 2

1. Charr

The first capital city in Guild Wars 2 service is Charr which has another nickname as the Black Citadel. Charr is a house of Iron Legion. This place is also used as a base operation of 3 HighLegions at Ascalon.

2. Asura

The second capital city is Asura or Rata Sum which is a magical city that towers above the Maguuma Jungle. Asura is the capital city that has the largest area than the others.

3. Norn

The third capital city is Norn or Hoelbrak which has many large huts inside and is used as a shelter, house, and trade center. This capital city is very crowded with people because it is a city founded by legendary hero Asgeir Dragonrender.

4. Sylvari

The fourth capital city is Sylvari or The Grove which is a capital city built on a Pale tree trunk. The Pale tree is Sylvari’s mother in Tyria.

5. Human

The fifth capital city is Human or Divinity’s Reach. This Capital city is the largest settlement place in Tyria. Human is also the seat of the Kryta kingdom.

Those are lists of cities in the Guild Wars 2 service. If you want to be more reliable and master this game, you should learn all the capital cities above to explore the regions. Hope this article is useful for you.