Legendary Weapon: 101- The Ultimate Weapon Guide At Guild Wars 2

Legendary Weapon: 101- The Ultimate Weapon Guide At Guild Wars 2

Legendary and unique are the two details to explain legendary weapons in Guild Wars 2. It is a unique set of weapons, which can make your character have something to boast about. At the same time, it is a rare item that explains its value in game. 

What Is It? 

Legendary weapon is a set of high end (luxury weapons) which come with a unique appearance. It has the same stats as ascended weapons, but it also has unique looks, combo, and sigils. To get one, it needs to use a precursor weapon which later enchanted with several item to make a legendary one. 

3 Generations Of Weapons

GW 2 has three generations of legendary weapons. The third generation appears along with the new chapter or story of “The End of Dragon”. Each generation has different items to collect, which also indicate the different difficulties to work with. 

In generation 1, there are a total of 21 weapons composing different types of weapons and precursors. For this generation, you need to have at least 400 on crafting discipline.  

Generation 2 has 16 different weapons to offer. Each also has unique prerequisite items, collections, and works. It also needs 400 levels of crafting.  

Generation 3 is the new one with 16 types of weapons. It is based on the Aurene dragon story. But the generation 3 also has a series of additional skins and styles. 

How To Get Them? 

It is best to say that every generation will put you to several collections and achievements to do. It takes a lot of time, considering some of the ingredients force the creator to create or craft several items. Some of the processes also include buying or gathering items. It is also only available for 80+ level players. 

Need help to get one?  

Each item has its different ingredients, precursors, types, and made for different characters. With the new arc coming up, many people are working and making their legendary weapon happen. 

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