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Welcome to the leatherworking crafting discipline in Guild Wars 2. As one of the massive game, you should expect that this mastery will be a very long journey. The profession is quite tantalizing, especially with the high tier gears that require the leatherworking mastery.
You can create medium armor pieces for yourself or sell it for extra cash. The higher your level, the better your crafted items are. And obviously, the more money and better gears you will have. But this mastery consists of 500 levels. Be prepared! This is not a quick and fast progress. If you are up for it, here is what you can do to start the long journey.

Leatherworking 1-100

Materials You Will Need

Buying the required items to crafting on the NPCs vendors and trading post is the basic thing you should do. Of course you can get them from farming or looting, but it won’t be easy! So, stay for buying. In this case, what you will need is the complete set of Rawhide, a bunch of insignia, beads, embroidery, straps, and many more.

Recipes You Will Discover Along The Way

In this stage, you will stumble upon numerous discoveries. From discoveries to discoveries, later on, you got many recipes to get better and advantage to higher level crafting. If you count it, there is at least 24 recipes that need 4-19 items for each of them. Then, you also need to craft at least 26 things with different recipes on the level 50 to 100.
Confused yet? Believe it or not, the demand of the crafting items is very daunting. There are a lot to buy, to prepare, and to craft along the way. In many case, your journey won’t be easy.
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