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Guild wars 2 service

Every Guild Wars 2 players know how important gold in this game is. And everyone know how difficult to gain them. Since there is no subscription fee on the game, obtaining some piece of gold can be a painstaking moment, from slaying monster to wining tournaments. But is there any faster way to get it? Yes, you can use the system flaws to gain more money. Just like this idea.

Get Those Coins As Easy As Logging In

Guild wars 2 service

1. Login Rewards

If you log in everyday, you will got some hefty back of gold in your character. This system is part of the daily achievement and login rewards which is an obvious way to gain gold. It is worth to know that the reward will be different and the cycle will repeat every 28 days. The most gold you can get is nine gold coins, while other reward might give you 20 mystic coins, 55 laurels, or any other items. It is not that much, but at least it doesn’t make you sweat.

2. Alt Parking

Guild wars 2 service

Thanks to whoever find this legal cheat, you can gain gold as easy as parking your character. Yes, you are literally letting multiple characters standing in the same place for hours. This way is known as Alt parking, where the player positioned their character at the end f Jumping Puzzle or the near Ne-chest. Basically, you will need to log in to that character to get the reward of finishing the puzzles (without doing anything).
Welp, there is always flaws in any kind that allow smart payer gain some advantages. In this case, earning gold in GW2 is as easy as that. However, the reward also not as much as you think, which means it take a lot of time. Then how to make it faster? Hire the MMOPilot for Guild Wars 2 services power leveling. They will help you conserve your time and energy with an affordable price. So, don’t be shy to ask their help! they will definitely solve your GW 2 problem.

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