Kinds of zone in Guild Wars 2 – Guild Wars Service

Knowing the all the things about the game before playing certainly benefits you more as a player. Then you can play more expertly even though you are not being the master level yet. Therefore, before you play certain games you should look for tips or tricks to play the game first. You can also watch several streaming games for the masters who play the game.

One game that is often played by masters game is Guild Wars 2. Gamers like to play this game because the challenges given in an unique way. Well, to enjoy the game, you must know the areas that exist in the Guild Wars 2 service first. For more information, read the list of zones in this game below.

Kinds of zone in Guild Wars 2

1. Definition of Zone

In the Guild Wars 2 service, the zone is a map provided to explore some of the areas used for battlefield. The zone is a group of smaller regions. Each zone, must have its own function and its own purpose.

2. Types of zones

As explained in the first point, each zone still has its own territory and its destination. To help your exploration, here are measures that are associated with the zone:

A. Vistas

The first zone is called Vistas. This zone has very interesting graphics and is one of its advantages.

B. Points of Interest

This zone one is an important sign. If you find this sign it means that the place has something hidden.

C. Renown Hearts

In this zone, players are always given tasks or missions to complete through their characters.

D. Hero challenges

This zone is a place where players can get points so they can add as many points as possible.

E. Waypoints zone

This zone is a zone used to shorten the distance to certain places.

Those are some kind of zone in Guild Wars 2 service that you should know. You can explore the zones above with your character and get many things like coins or XP. Hope the information above is useful for you!