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Getting to know types of Zones in Guild Wars 2 – Guild Wars 2 Service

When playing a massive game such as Guild Wars 2, it will be such a bummer if you are lost in the middle of nowhere. It tends to happens, since you don’t know the zones.. What is zone? This is a term to identify the smaller region in the Map of Tyria. Each of them has different purpose and function in this fantasy world. If you know where to go, what to do, and who will you meet it will be very beneficial. So to help you with it, check out this information.

Types Of Zones You Will Find In Gw 2

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1. Vistas

If you see a floating scroll near the ground, that is vista. Basically, as you interact with it, the game will show you scenery shot of the area. This is means to showcase the location and the environment of art. Most of the players refer vistas as panoramic area.

2. Point Of Interest

Just as the name says, each of zones has point of interest areas. This kind of zone is very notable since you will told by the screen as you enter or discover new point of interest. Other than that, the area itself is ranging from specific places or unmarked town.

3. Renown Hearts

Also known as hearts, this area with yellow heart sign in your minimap is the zone where you can do certain task to finish and gain the rewards.

4. Hero Challenges

Guild Wars 2 Service Almost the same as hearts in this area you will need to do some task to get hero point as reward, this kind of location only available for new player until they reach level 11.

5. Waypoint Zones

You can say that waypoint is like a portal or fast travel area, where you can shorten the distance and time to reach certain places. Well that is what you know about zone. In case you don’t know, if you can open the entire zone, you will get map mastery. This is very beneficial in the higher level crafting and item collection. If you don’t know what to do or whee to go to leveling up, you can do it faster by hiring MMOPilot as guild Wars 2 power leveling service. Don’t worry or shy, they won’t charge you heavenly. In fact, their service will help you conserve you time and energy for IRL.

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