Kinds of weapons used in Guild Wars 2 – Guild Wars 2 Service

Online games are usually associated with negative thoughts that will make the players lazy the whole day. Indeed, most children tend to be lazy to do anything when playing games, but actually It depens on them and their parents. Parents must be wise and firm so that their children can be balanced in carrying out their obligations and rights.

Online games are not always have bad influence on children because nowadays, online games can be used as a source of income. The number of tournaments and video games on YouTube can be used passive income. One of the most popular games among gamers is Guild Wars 2 because it has many weapons options. For more information, see the explanation below.

Kinds of weapons used in Guild Wars 2

1. Personal story weapon
The first weapon is known as personal story weapon. In Guild Wars 2 service, these weapons can be easily obtained because the vendor is not locked during the exploration in the personal story arena. You can buy it easily with the coins that you have collected. Every game purchased must be bought in a set. Examples of these weapons are Vigil’s Honor Weapons sets, Priory’s Historical Weapons sets, Pact Weapons sets, and others.

2. Karma weapons

The second weapon is known as a karma weapon that is bought in a vendor of the same name. This karma weapon is suitable for racing in the game. You can buy karma weapons in the form of sets. Examples of karma weapons are Krytan Weapons sets, Glyphic Weapons sets, Seraph Weapons sets, and others.

3. Weapon tokens

The third weapon is known as the token weapon purchased at the token vendor. You must have this type of weapon if you want to adventure in the basement. If you have this weapon, it will make it easier for you to follow a world vs world server which has various mission. Examples of token weapons are Molten Weapons sets, Royal Ascalonian Weapons sets, Nightmare Weapons sets, Kodan Weapons sets, and etc.

Those are some kinds of weapons that are used in Guild Wars 2 service. There are many more weapons that you can have in this game and you can explore yourself inside the arena to get them. Collect as many gold coins as possible so you can immediately buy them when you find it. Hope this article can be useful!