Kinds of mechanic thief skills in Guild Wars 2 that you should know – Guild Wars 2 Service

Guild Wars 2 is one of the most popular online games among game lovers. This online game has its own superiority that make it loved by its players. One of them is about the number of skills that can be mastered in this game. In playing an online game, you must need a great skills to pass every challenge given. Not only that, the skill functions is to fight the enemies and also power leveling to the top level.

Because of the importance of the skills in this Guild Wars 2 service, you must explore the arena based on your own playing experience. One of the skills in the game is called thief skill. For further reviews, here is the explanation for you.

Kinds of mechanics thief skills in GW2 that you should know

1. Stealing

Stealing is the first mechanic in thief skill Guild Wars 2 service that you should know. This skill is the most important skill in thief skill. There is a shortcut menu in the GW 2 game to see your stealing skill, by pressing F1. While the shortcut menu for viewing skills that have been stolen is F2. The skill of the enemy you have stolen will appear on the F2 menu and become your secondary skill.

2. Stealth Attacks

Stealth Attacks are the second mechanic thief skill after stealing. This skill has a different function, depending on how great you are at playing the game. You can kill enemies easily with this skill. You just need to keep practicing so that you can master this skill easily.

3. Dual Wield Skills

Dual Wield Skills are the third mechanic thief skill after Stealth Attacks. This skill has different effects if it is combined with different weapons. You can combine them with several weapons and choose the ones that have the strongest effect against the enemies.

4. Initiative

The Initiative is the last mechanic thief skill. This skill has a strong extra power to crush your enemies in the GW 2 game.
Those are the types of mechanical skills in Guild Wars 2 service that you have to know. You have mastered some of the skills so that your can play the game until you reach the highest level in GW 2. Hope this information is useful for you!