Jewelry Crafting: How to Get From Level 1 to 100 Real Quick

Jewelry Crafting: How to Get From Level 1 to 100 Real Quick

Even though the game has been around since forever, Guild Wars 2 is still one of the most favorite games for players. This is because ArenaNet has presented extensive details in their game that makes everything interesting. One of them is crafting discipline of Jewel. Unlike any other crafting mastery, being a Jeweler will only need about 400 levels to complete. Here are how you can get started in level 1 to level 100 real quick!

Jewelry Crafting 1-100

1. Materials to Buy

If you want to be a master of this discipline, you need to buy a lot of things from the vendor. For the first one hundred levels, you need to buy a bunch of Pebbles, Amulets, Jewels, among other things. The full rundown on what you should buy is listed on the Guild Wars 2 wiki page. Go there and buy all the items that you need. Buying them instead of farming them will take less time to complete, you will be better with it.

2. Recipes to Discover

After getting all of the items of crafting supplies that you need, start to craft them. You need to have a crafting station for this. For level 1 to level 100, you need to be able to master copper. You need to craft 27 different items from those supplies. At the end of the 74 level, if you succeed in mastering it, you will be the master of Novice recipes. From level 75 to above, you can start to focus on crafting silver.

It is worth to point out that being a Jeweler isn’t an easy thing to do. This is because Jewel crafting isn’t exactly a cheap crafting profession. It can also be a pretty boring thing to do, especially if you don’t already have the materials and supplies on hand. You can waste so much time getting to level 400, especially if you don’t really know what items to get in the first place.

That’s why the best solution and fastest way of getting your mastery in jewel crafting is by hiring a leveling company to do the boring stuff for you. MMOPilot is a great Guild Wars 2 service that’s really good at what they do. They focus on helping you to have the best experience in playing the game. Thus trusting them to do their best service for you is a smart thing to do. They’re filled with professional and talented gamers. Guarantee, that you won’t be disappointed with the end result.

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