Jewelry Crafting: How to Get From Level 1 to 100 Real Quick

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Despite being one of the old MMORPG games, Guild War 2 still hasn’t lost its lime light. In fact, people love this game from its extensive details such as the crafting discipline levels. In this article, let’s talk about the Jeweler profession. Unlike any other mastery, Jeweler only has maximum level of 400. But is it easy to obtain? No. Here is some cool info to progress level 1 to 100 real quick!

Jewelry Crafting 1-100

Preparing The Materials

What do you think about being a jeweler? One thing for sure, you need to buy lots of materials from the vendor. Within this level ranges, you need to buy a bunch of Amulets, pebbles, jewels, and other things.
But why buying the items? Can you farm it? At some point, you can farm it. But the drop rate is varying and it will spend lot of times. This is why buying the materials will cut a lot of required times to gather what you need. At the same time, you don’t have to bet your characters’ live to fight monsters and gathering in the wild.

Discovering The Recipes
The next thing you can do is unlocking recipes. How to do it? You have to keep on crafting until you master some materials. Such as copper which can be obtained after crafting 27 different items. Then, in the level 74, you will master the Novice recipes. Above that level, it is better to focus on crafting silver. But don’t forget that you need crafting station for this.
Is that all? Yes, generally that is all you should do. But don’t underestimate this profession. The process isn’t easy at all and can be very boring as well. Along with it, it takes a lot of time! So, how to do it quickly? You can use GW2 power leveling service from MMOPilot as your helper. They are inexpensive and professional. Don’t be Shy! Their service will help you conserve energy, time, and effort!

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