Insane way to be Master of Jeweler Crafting from Level 1-400 – Guild Wars 2 Service

Insane way to be Master of Jeweler Crafting from Level 1-400 – Guild Wars 2 Service

Jewelry is one of the crafting professions in Guild Wars 2. You may be interested in this discipline once you’ve been playing for a while. Not only does it gain your mastery level, you can also earn a bit of money when you get into this discipline, especially if you get to the maximum level. If you want to be a Jeweler, here are the things that you need to do in the fastest way!

Jeweler Leveling 1-400

1. Leveling 1-300

There are two parts in mastering your Jewelry crafting. The first three hundreds of the crafting discipline is making some few items that doesn’t really have much value. But, you still need to go through with it, to make it easier for the last one hundred levels. There are so many recipes that you have to discover. Find out at the Guild Wars wiki for the details. The main point is that you need to know the recipes for Novice, Initiate, Apprentice, Journeyman, and Adept.

2. Leveling 300-400

This means that after you get to this level, you can make more valuable items. The crafting in these one hundred levels is important. You will max out your experience levels in this last one hundred in Adept recipes and Master recipes. You will allow to make many Jewelry that is rare and hard to get if you just farming them. Finally, after you get to level 400, you will master the discipline.

Having finished this crafting discipline is rewarding, but it’s a boring process. You can waste so much time trying to figure the recipes and materials to use. To avoid that, hire a professional gamer to do it for you. Guild Wars 2 service like MMOPilot is a great leveling company. They’re filled with many talented gamers ready in your service. If you want to know more about what kind of things that they offer, then heads on to their website. Guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the result.

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