Important tips you must know in playing Guild Wars 2 – Guild Wars 2 Service

Playing online games can be said to be easy but also difficult. It is because playing games is entertainment only. However, if you do not master the skills of the game, you will lose the games. It will make you upset because you can’t win the game, besides that you can also be scolded by other players. To avoid this, here are the important tips you must know to master Guild Wars 2 service.

Important tips you must know in playing Guild Wars 2

1. Using a Gems Card in Guild Wars 2

The first important tips you have to know in Guild Wars 2 is how to use gems card in this game. Gem card is a card that contains a code to be inserted into the game to get gem in the game. You must log in to your GW 2 account first, then click the ‘Black Lin Trading Company’ panel (click the tiger icon or shortcut O). Then, you must select ‘Redeem Code’ and type the code in the gem card manually.

You have to do that way to avoid errors because the system cannot detect it by copy paste the code. After that, you must follow the steps on the screen to complete it.

2. Download Client in Guild Wars 2

Second important tips that you should know is about downloading clients in this game. First, you have to log in to your GW 2 account. Then, go to Account Management. Then, click on Download for Windows. After that, look for your download file named ‘GW2Setup.exe’ and install it. Last, you have to follow the steps to complete it.

Those are some important tips that you should know in Guild Wars 2 service. Some of the tips above are needed so that you can play the game to the fullest. Look at the instructions correctly so that the system error does not occur. You also have to use the fast internet so that the process is not failed. Hopefully the information above can help you.