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How to Unlock Skyscale in Guild Wars 2 – Guild Wars 2 Service

Released by ArenaNet in 2012, Guild Wars 2 has been one of the MMORPG in the world. Aside from how massive and extensive the gameplay is, there is always something interesting about their design. One of them is the rare Skyscale flying mount. By riding this bull-like flying mount, you can stay on the air longer and travel faster. It also looks fantastic. But how to get it? Here is the answer for you.

How To Get Your Skyscale

Guild wars 2 service

1. Guests

Just like any other high tier gears, unlocking the cool looking flying mount need a lot of requirement. In this case, you should finish the whole achievement that consists of a total of 5 steps. It is just five, but the amount of sub-collection is terrific. You should do a lot of things, from purchasing some items, collecting items, killing some crazy monster, to crafting the material. All in all, the whole compilation comes with one idea or story, which is rescuing and raising your Skyscale. How so? Take a look at this achievement collection. The five missions are Newborn Skyscales, Saving Skyscales, Raising Skyscales, Troublesome Skyscales, and Riding Skyscales.

2. Total Time Gates

Guild wars 2 service

So, how long is the estimation time to finish them? The total time gate approximately takes three days, plus 8 hours. That all the minimum times because some items or processes can need a specific time. At the same time, you need to understand the game to get everything right. The total time to finish it can differ from each person. If you are a professional player, you can get the minimal total time gates. But how if you are a newbie? Then, consider hiring MMOPilot for their Guild Wars 2 services power leveling. They can help you conserve your time, energy, and effort plus get the Skyscale in no time. At the same time, the price is more reasonable. So, please don’t be shy, you can check them on their official sites.