How To Unlock Guardian Raid Or Dungeon? Lost Ark Guide For Beginner

How To Unlock Guardian Raid Or Dungeon? Lost Ark Guide For Beginner

As one of the several endgame is the guardian Raid, which you can do with several help from your party. Just as the name, you will need to get into level 50 to eventually get the chance in unlocking the mission. How to unlock the raids? Here is how to do it. 

Requirement In Unlocking The Raid

1. Level

You will need at least level 50 to unlock the raid game. Yes, it can take time to get into the level. So prepare for the long journey with missions and boss fighting plus good gear to match the dungeon level. 

2. Qualification And Quest 

The qualification to open the raid also includes completing a quest “Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate”. It is a quest in North Vern. To complete the quest you need to find and speak with Seifeltz in the North vern. Sign the document to join the guardian raids, and submit it. After that, you can participate as a guardian raid. Yes, the guest is as simple as signing an in-game form. 

3. Unlocking Process   

After completing the quest, you can go to any major city in Arkesia. You can get into the guardian raid bulletin board and interact with it. The menu will show different types of bosses, item level, and requirements. If you are matching to the level or requirement, you can start solo or queue up with your team. 

Guardian raids can be a nice and important activity at the end game phase. You are basically raiding a dungeon to fight with a guardian and get the reward with your party. But it is a last or end game phase, which needs at least level 50 and a quest to finish. 

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