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Griffon is known as glorious and noble beast. Griffon is good to have for your first mount. Though, it won’t be able to take you to gain altitude. And after a few periods, you need to allow it to rest on the ground. They can’t stay mounted for long. But, it’s still great to get you places faster. Here’re things that you need to know if you want to unlock a Griffon to be your mount.

Unlocking Your Griffon Mount

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1. The Quest

First thing first, you need to complete the Path of Fire Storyline. You can’t unlock the Griffon without finishing it. You need to also have abilities in Springer High Vault. It consists of 12 Mastery Rank. Be sure to also fill your pocket with 250 gold. The quests cost about 25 gold increments to complete all the area needed, and you need to complete 10 missions in total.

There are about 7 collections that you need to complete to get a Griffon as your mount. The missions are in Open Skies. They take in many places through Tyria. Some of the places are located in Crystal Oasis, Desert Highlands, dan Elon Riverlands. While the rest of the location are in The Desolation, Domain of Vabbi, Sunspear Wisdom and On Wings and a Pray. Then a tame Griffon will be yours as your flying companion.

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2. The Time

Like many of the special things in Guild Wars 2, you need time and effort to get the Griffon. In completing the 7 collections, you need to do several missions in each of those. If you’re good at it, you can get your Griffon for less than a week. Many professional gamers can do it is only in 2 days. So, it can be done in a short time if you know where to look at.

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