How to Level Up to 80 Faster in Guild Wars 2– Guild Wars 2 Service

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Even though Guild Wars 2 have been around since 2012, ArenaNet keep on giving improvement with its expansions, updates, and patches. Those new additions make the game more interesting and the players stay loyal.

However, this kind of game can be very frustrating. Especially when it comes to leveling up. The start can be very fun, but reaching level 80 is imaginable. It is hard, time consuming, and confusing. To help you get through, here is a few tricks for you.

1-80 Leveling Guide!

Go Get The Yellow Hearts

Do yellow hearts! Maximize the map and take a look at many yellow hearts that scattered across the map. Click it and it will tell you at what level you can play it. Playing and finishing hearts will help you gain more Exp points faster. the faster the exp increases, the faster you level up.

Crafting Over And Over Again

Don’t underestimate crafting! Crafting come with free experience upon every activity. You can convert item, craft item, and sell them. You are not only gain experience point for general, but also the discipline profession. The higher your discipline level is, the more materials and recipes you got. It brings more experience for you to get level 80 faster.

Map Completion

Try to avoid doing map completion straight away. Instead, it is better to choose a region with enemies that has the same level or a tad bit higher than you. Try to do map completion while you killing those monster. You will get more or maximum experience from fighting them. With that in mind, take your time when doing map completion. Don’t hop between maps, but try kill the foes as well.

Experience Booster

As the game getting bigger and popular, experience booster is not a secret anymore. You can buy them from trading post. This effect can be found from things like different apples or other things. They have different prices range, so you can find that has 5% cheaper price. This will help cutting a massive time to reach level 80.

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