How To Farm Up To 900 Kralkatite Ores in a Day

Farm Up To 900 Kralkatite Ores

Farm Up To 900 Kralkatite Ores. Still playing one of the legendary MMORPG games that known as more-than-a-decade-MMORPG games? Do you wanna know how to farm up to 900 kralkatite ores in a day? Dear all player, check out our tips right now!

How to Farm Up to 900 Kralkatite Ores in a Day?

Get to know with Meteor Farm Method, our special method from our professional player, that can make you have up to 900 kralkatite ores in a day. Follow this steps now!

Step 1: Preparation

Brandstone Multitool on NPC Scholar Fatima (Astralarium Waypoint). You need it for detect and dig up chunk of Brandstone Meteorites that just drop on Domain of Istan.Upgrade your Multitool to unlock all of it skills. You need 6000 Volatile Magic for it.

Step 2

How To Use Multitool Brandstone

  • Use your Multitool in you inventory. Your skill set will change into multitool skill set.
  • Mount up and wait for NPC Scholar Fatima to announce that metoraite just fall. Meteorite roughly fall every 15 – 25 minutes. It last about 5 minutes as soon as it touches the ground.
  • If you miss the announcement, you can just randomly use special skill after using multitool (Locate Impact Site) while you are mount up. That will show the direction to location of the meteorites.
  • After you reach the fall location. Use multitools 5th skill (Impact Site Marker) to boost meteorite resource yields.
  • 5 player can boost the meteorite at the same time for even greater recource yields. So dont hesitate to shout out “METEOR UP” on maps chat every time meteor spawn.

Mining Buried Brandstone

Then, use 1st skill (Brandstone Scan) to locate the hiden node point. Use it untill you find standing pillar of light. When stand near to the pillar of light, use 2nd skill (Surface Brandstone), it will dig the Brandstone Chunk to the surface.After that you can use 3rd skill (Extraction Beam) to extract to mine Kralkatite Ore, Powdered Rose Quartz, and Rose Quartz.

Mining Surface Brandstone

This type of meteorites will appear along with the event “Destroy the crystal encasing the Brandstone before it disintegrates”. Since it’s already on the surface, you dont need to use 1st and 2nd skill. You can use 5th skill to boost the resource yield and then use Extraction Beams to mine the loot. 
It has HP Bar and will decrease everytime you extract it. When the HP Bar reach 0%, the shell will break off and reveal the core. You can loot the core just for a few seconds if you are not fully extracted it. This type of meteor has greater resource yieald than the buried one. So don’t miss it!

Step 3: Repeat

After the resource was depleted. Go back to Astralarium Waypoint and repeat. Use food and utilities that give you bonus of Magic Find. Also if there is any buff banner on Lion Arch or other maps, use it.

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