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If you are a player in this Guild Wars 2 game, discussing how to distinguish the actual mesmer in Guild Wars 2 becomes one of the important topics that you should know. In this game, there are several types of heroes with their respective characters. However, in this case, we will discuss more about how to distinguish the types of heroes that can be categorized in the type of mesmer. Here’s how to determine the original mesmer in Guild Wars 2 service for you.

How to distinguish real mesmer in Guild Wars 2

1. Weak in close duels
The first way to distinguish the actual mesmer in the first Guild Wars 2 service is by looking for the character. Real mesmer is very weak when doing a close duel. In this game, to distinguish types of mesmer with several other types of heroes is quite difficult. However, if you want to find the real mesmer character, you can take a look of the ability to do a close duel. Because this kind of hero is very weak to do this.
2. Strong long distance duels
One of the characters that you can get from this mesmer is the ability of a very formidable hero to use for long distance duels. Because this type of hero is a type of hero who uses magic effects on every attack on an enemy. If you use this type of hero, then you need to protect the distance when attacking on the enemy. That way, your hero will not be affected by the magic effect.
3. Midline guard
At the time of this type of attack today it is always behind the type of hero who has the ability to duel at close range. Helps in attacking this hero pattern to help attack and add power to kick the team. So, prepare your compilation using this type of hero.
That’s how to distinguish the real mesmer in Guild Wars 2 service. You can take a look with the spesific information above to distinguish the real one. Hopefully the information above is useful for the readers.

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