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How to Complete Troublesome Skyscale Quest – Guild Wars 2 Service

Troublesome Skyscale is the fourth achievement to finish so you can get the Skyscale as mount. One thing for sure, the progress won’t be easy. In this part, you need to complete 3 mission that show you the way to teach your troublesome skyscale. So, what to do? Here is the brief sneak a peek for you.

Conquering Your Troublesome Skyscale

Guild wars 2 service

1. Skyscale Lost

You can start this mission after you speak with Gorrik. He will tell you to find missing Skyscale. This mission demand you to travel around to find the beast. If you want a little bit hint, you should go to Crystal Desert or Central Tyria. Along with that, don’t forget to finish the sub-missions, the Shadow Behemoth, Golem Mark II, and the Path to ascension.

2. Skyscale Reflexes

Have you find the mischievous Skyscale? Then, bring him back to Gorrik on the Sun’s Refuge. After all of the hassle looking for this beast, now you should train his reflex by playing catch. As fun as it is, the difficulties will be higher every time the level increases. So, the ball will move faster and harder to catch. Proves yourself you can do it and you will be rewarded with the skyscale reflexes item collection.

3. Skyscale Stealth

Guild wars 2 service

This last mission is quite fun! After playing catch, you will play hide and seek. However, you must do quite a lot of running and seeking throughout the Sun’s refuge. The good thing is your Skyscale won’t move anywhere nor you got time limit. So, take your time to find him and finish 3 objectives to complete the achievement. Basically those are three things you should complete, but you also need to meet and find Gorrik. All of this achievement can be very hard and troublesome. Thus, if you need help to do it fast or to solve the achievement, hire professional players to do it. You can ask their help through Guild Wars 2 service such as MMOPilot. They will help you get the mount in no time with a reasonable price. Don’t be shy, they won’t blow your character or do something crazy wit it! So, check them out!