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Everyone knows that unlocking cool things in Guild Wars 2  need efforts and time. But for your mission to ride the Skyscale, we gladly say congratulation in reaching this far. You have reach the last achievement to learn to fly and get your own Skyscale. So, what to do now?

Completing the Riding Skyscale Quest- the last part!

Guild wars 2 service

1. Getting Your Saddle

Everyone need a proper mount or saddle, and so do you! First talk to Gorrik in the Sun’s Refuge. You will be asked to make your own Skyscale saddle. What you need are 7 items that scatterd around the Refuge. Which means you should go to Priority Historian Elisa, Nalar, Kynon, etc. You also need to go to the Northeast side of the Jahai fortress. After that going back to meet Gorrik, again!

2. Flying The Skyscale

Guild wars 2 service

Just as the name say, you will help your Skyscale ready to be mounted. The cool beast must feel comfortable with you sitting on its back (quite literally). So to do that, you need to help Gorrik investigate various reality tears in the air across Tyria. Well, that is a lot of things to do. But be patient! As you finish this crazy mission, you will finally be abel to mount your Skyscale plus receive 28 objectives and 5 AP.
Welp! Congratulation you have finished the whole achievement and unlock the cool looking Skyscale! The extensive and long progress can be very boring and tiring. We know that and want to show you a secret to make it faster. Do you know Guild wars 2 service power leveling? You should check MMOPilot.
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