How to Complete Open Skies: On wings and a Pray – Guild Wars 2 Service

How to Complete Open Skies: On wings and a Pray – Guild Wars 2 Service

Finally! After the lengthy process and effort that you put, you come to the final step in getting your Griffon! The last step that you need to complete to get your Griffon mount is Open Skies: On Wings and a Pray. If previously you need to get things like relics and books, here, you have to face the Champion Mordant. After you defeat him, you will able to get the rewards which is your flying mount friend. Here are things that you need to do.

Completing On Wings and a Pray

First thing first, you need to use the Spearmarshal’s Plea. Go back to the Sanctuary and interact with the plinths. You can find them circling the statue of Kormir. After the meeting, you will automatically be ported to a new instance where you have to face the real challenge, which is where you fight the boss. This step is necessary for you to get closer to riding your mount.

Fighting Champion Mordant

The final thing you need to do in your journey is to fight the real enemy. In this one, you need to defeat Champion Mordant. It’s difficult to do if you don’t know the trick because he has 25% HP. The thing is, you need to break into his immunity shield. What you can do is to talk to one of the Griffons and ride it. While riding the Griffon you have to use the griffon attack on him. That way, you’ll break his shield eventually. Once the boss is dead, and tada! You’ll get the Griffon mount.

But before you take it, there are three things that you need to master. One is soaring rescue. You have to learn to mount your griffon midair. This will be your lifesaver in case you falling from the sky. The next one is Aerial finesse, in which you use the wing flap ability that Griffon has to gain a burst of speed while fiving or climbing into the sky. And third is Ariel Prowess where you dive rapidly and use this momentum to pull up from a five to fly forward at a great speed or even directly upward.

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