How to Complete Open Skies: On wings and a Pray – Guild Wars 2 Service

Finally, you reach this last step! We know that preparing to get the Griffon is very painstaking, but you got it through. Anyway, the last step is here and you should finish it to get your flying mount. This last part is known as Open Skies: On Wings and Pray where once again you should collect 10 volumes of writing and give it to last spearmarshal. Do you think it is easy? No! here is what you should do.

Completing The Wings And Pray

The first thing to do is completing the rare collection of Wings and Pray. You should move around and collect 10 volumes of writing from Kormir’s sanctum. After you finish all of them, use the Spearmarshal’s Plea to return to the sanctuary.
As you reach there, interact with the plinths or the pedestal. After you do it, the animation will show you they are circling the statue of Komir. As soon as that, you will suddenly get teleported to a new instance? Why? because you have to fight!

Fighting The Champion Mordant

Well, not that easy dude! You are transferred to fight the scary looking champion Mordant. Note this! defeating him is very hard! You should break his immunity shield by talk to one of the griffon and ride it. As you ride the griffon, now it is the time to attack him. The flying friend will help you breaking the shield.
Is he dead yet? If you sure he is dead, congratulation! You will get the griffon mount after you master three things. Yes, you got some other things to do. You should master Soaring Rescue, Aerial Finesse, and Aerial Prowess. All the mastery will help you control the griffon.
Is that all? Yes, finally you got the secret mount griffon and you can enjoy flying across the map. That is only possible if you finish the achievements. The process can be very long and tiring. Which is why, you should consider hiring Guild Wars 2 power leveling service from MMOPilot. They got professional player that will help conserve your time and energy, plus getting the griffon. So, don’t be shy! They are very reputable company with reasonable price.

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