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Open Skies: Desert Highlands is the second rare collection achievement to get the cool griffon mount. If you are up for this process, then be prepared to start to do 3 mission and snatch 5 griffon eggs. To give you mental boost, here is a tad bit of hints of what you should do in this achievement.

Completing The Desert Highlands Achievement

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1. 3 Mission You Should Complete

Let’s start by interacting with the Last Spearmarshal. After that, you can start collecting the first Zaklem, the Rune of loyalty relic. How to do it? you must defend a Sunspear from the Mordant crescent, this event will happen in Kanuz Cache.
After that you only need to purchase the other two stuffs. The enormous Supply of Brid feed can be bought from Groffmok and the Survival Supplies can be bought from Tendaji. How much are they? 25 gold per item. So, prepare your coins!

2. 5 Griffon Eggs To Collect

The rest will be collecting griffon eggs. The first one can be stolen by go to the jackal 3 portal and climb up the roost. You will find warmed Mountain griffon egg to steal. The Crusty mountain egg is on top of the Godfell Towers. So take the chance to use the griffon on the roost and fly there.

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The Rough mountain one is easy to get. Just follow the path from the Highjump ranch and go up. You should steal the Vibrant mount one when you find a bunch of hostile griffon on the general area high ground. Lastly, you should go down from the Derelict Delve waypoint and find an egg lying around there.
That’s is all you should do. Congratulation and be prepared for the next achievement! Believe it or not, the process is still far from finished. If you want a shortcut, the get pro players to do it for you. You can use MMOPilot Guild wars 2 power leveling service. They are reputable, have reasonable price, and will help you save time and effort. So, don’t be shy! This service is not a secret anymore.

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