How to Complete Open Skies: Crystal Oasis – Guild Wars 2 Service

Welcome to the first rare achievement to get the cool looking griffon mount. In guild war 2, griffon is one of the two mount you can ride and fly across the map. Interested? If you do, you should finish this quest of Open skies: Crystal Oasis. You will collect a total of 9 relics. Here is what you should do.

Completing The First Open Skies Achievement

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1. Getting Started With 4 Mission To Finish

The first thing to do is to interact with the Last Spearmarshal to start the collection. After that, recover the Gundayo the Rune of Honesty, by recovering the rune from the legendary Corrupted facet. You also need the icon of the Goddess relic that can be bought from Priest Hakim on The temple of Kormir, and Sunspeear tithe that also bought from Priestess Karima at the east of Amnoon. Each of the item cost 25 gold, so you better got the money on your pocket.

2. 5 Griffon Eggs To Collect

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Other than buying and do missions, you also need to collect or “stole” griffon eggs. The first Warmend Coastal egg is on the top of a very high rock/cliff near the entrance of Desert Highland. As you there, mount a griffon and go to the top of a mesa that face the Hatari Tablelands to get Browned Crystal Griffon egg.
The next on is on top of the Teratohedron in Maculate fringe area, where there is a giant griffon nest that has Lustrous Coastal griffon egg. You can get the Dusty Coastal Griffon eggs by flying or climb the rock from Sanctum of Nabkha area. And the last one, is the Ridged Coastal griffon egg which located near the Cliffside opening below with a nest. That’s all!
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