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How to Complete Newborn Skyscale Quest – Guild Wars 2 Service

Welcome to the first achievement in unlocking the Skyscale mount! To get the cool-looking bull-like flying mount, you should complete a total of 5 achievements. So, be prepared! To start your journey, you got fours steps to finish in the Newborn Skyscale quests. However, it is not easy since there are also some sub-collection for it. Up for it? Here is the thing you should know.

Completing The Newborn Collection

Guild wars 2 service

1. Skyscale Scales

At the start, you should talk to Gorrik on the south of Underworld waypoint. He will give you the first achievement item, “A Dire Issue.” As you got the thing, you will get the list of 21 Skyscale Scales, which you should collect. Where to find them? You can look around the Underworld Waypoint to find them.

2. Skyscale Medicine

Guild wars 2 service

In this part, you should buy tons of medicine from different vendors that are somehow around the dragon fall. Those vendors sell all the needs after you finish a total of 30 events. That is a very high number of events. But as you finish and get all the items, you can continue tending your sick Skyscale and get to the next step.

3. Skyscale Fever

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To unlock this part, go back to Gorrik and get the “A Hopeful Cure.” It will open the Skyscale fever, which you have to treat the sick Skyscales. What you need to do in this part is to cure a total of 14 dying Skyscales around the area. Make sure they can back to their feet before you move on to the next step.

4. Skyscale Eggs

Guild wars 2 service

Back to Gorrik, and he will give you “A Sad Discovery.” From this point, you need to get A Benevolent Mission, which you have to gather 21 Skyscale eggs. All of the are scattered and lying around the area. You can move around and interact with them. With all of the eggs in your hand, you will finish the achievement and move to the next one. Don’t ever underestimate the time to finish the whole achievement. It is just the beginning; the other guest can be very tedious as well. If you don’t want to feel all of those hassles, consider hiring the Guild Wars 2 service from MMOPilot. They are reputable for professional and fast pacing job at a reasonable cost. You don’t need to be shy and ask for this service. They can help preserve your time and energy to enjoy your IRL business.