GW 2 Lesson Learned Zinn’s Recording Achievement – GW 2 Flashpoint

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In the last part of the GW 2 Flashpoint, you will need to go around the Draconis mons to finish the metta flashpoint achievement. The last four sub missions can be despicable at some point, including this GW 2 lesson learned Zinn’s recording achievement. One reason it can be annoying is the bug and hard to find location.

Worth noting that this achievement may take quite a long time, since there are at least 14 items to collect. However, it is snot impossible whatsoever. You also need to equip oakheart mastery that will help you jump or grapple easier. Another solution that might work is by using the flying mount, since you will need to reach areas that are quite hidden or hard to reach by foot.


About The Achievement

About The Achievement

The thing about this mission is about you who have to collect 14 of Zinn’s recorders. Those materials are scattered on the Draconis Mons, and eventually hidden in the crevice or little places. While it might seem easy, be prepared with how confusing the landscape and how to reach it.

For this matter, you can check out the picture on the side. The red dots are the exact location where the items are located. You can reach the place by using jump mastery, or opting for mount.

It is also worth to mention that the achievement will reward you with 6 AP and the sentient singularity consumer. The second reward will consume any excess unbound magic you have.

About The Achievement


1. Recover Zinn’s first recording

This one is in the mercenary camp hidden in a tower on the ground with stairs going down. You can reach the area quite easily, as long as you got enough level to run away from any enemies in the surrounding.

The first picture below, shows you the location. You can walk there and follow the second picture. The first item for the GW 2 Lesson Learned Zinn’s Recording Achievement is located as seen in the third picture. It is quite hard to see the little crevice in the iron platform, but it is not impossible.

Recover Zinn’s first recording

2. Recover Zinn’s second recording

Take the 2x Thermal Tube from Heathen’s Hold Waypoint and make sure to grab the Oakheart Essence after the second thermal tube. This part is quite tricky, since you need to precisely land on the correct location. Glide your way to the location with all the destroyers and you will see an opening. As you reach up the opening, prepare for enemies attacks.

All you need to do is to Run through the opening to the end and use your Oakheart to get up. At the same time, make sure you have enough energy to use the essence. This part is not particularly hard to find, but at some point there will be a glitch that makes you unable to find the opening. It is also remarkably hard to see.

Recover Zinn’s second recording

3. Recover Zinn’s third recording

This one is quite straightforward. All you have to do is to take 2x Thermal Tube from Heathen’s Hold Waypoint. This particular item is not really different with the previous one, since you have to fly and use the oakheart at the same location.

Once you use the oakheart to get up (if necessary), glide your way to the inquest camp. Go to the right hand side, not the left hand side where you can find the third recording among the Inquest mobs. The recording is also quite easy to find since it lays on the surface. You can also hear the recording played when you are nearby.

Recover Zinn’s third recording

4. Recover Zinn’s fourth recording

Run from Heathen’s Hold Waypoint, grab the Oakheart Essence nearby and grapple your way to a little ledge under a collapsing stone. As soon as you land, look for a tiny hole on your right that you can jump in and get the recording. Once again you can hear the recording when nearby.

Recover Zinn’s fourth recording

5. Recover Zinn’s fifth recording

Since the location is quite close to the fourth one, you can continue from the point the fourth recording is located. In this case, you can get out from the fourth recording using the Oakheart through a small crevice on your left hand side. Use the oakheart and grapple to the other side.

As you went out, go to the right and on around on the same ledge to a little tent. Behind the tent is the fifth recording.

Recover Zinn’s fifth recording

6. Recover Zinn’s sixth recording

Take a look at the first picture,the location is not really hidden but it is quite far. In this case, shoot yourself to the volcano via the thermal tubes and glide across to the area that takes you to the tombs. Along that path you will find a small crack in the walls with some spiders. Listen carefully to the recording to figure out where the item is hidden.

Recover Zinn’s sixth recording

7. Recover Zinn’s seventh recording

Go right from Ancient Hollow waypoint and grab the Oakheart essence nearby. Glide on the edge of the cliff and pull yourself to this ceiling not far from the waypoint. It will allow you to fly higher and reach the ceiling space where to grab this recording.

Recover Zinn’s seventh recording

8. Recover Zinn’s eighth recording

For the eighth recording, use the double thermal tubes from Heathen’s Hold Waypoint to shoot yourself across. As you begin to descend, glide to the right side in a valley filled with earth elementals. One again it is quite hard to spot, but just make sure you go to the right and land to grab an Oakheart Essence.

After you get the essence, continue move and glide down on the route. Run through golems alley, go up to the rocks and shoot yourself across to this large cavern opening.

Recover Zinn’s eighth recording

Inside is a hole you have to shoot yourself across and then the final one where you have to get in the nook where the recording is located.

Recover Zinn’s eighth recording

9. Recover Zinn’s ninth recording

This recording is very well hidden. Drop down from Heathen’s Hold Waypoint to Peaceful Grounds waterfall POI below (on the left side). drop down on the edge of the road, and go straight on the left of the waterfall with wasps.

After that glide down through a misty area and fly down to by going slightly to the right. land on the area with a little lake where there are a lot of Moa Bird and tropical birds. Use Oakheart nearby to throw yourself on it (on your left side). Once you are on that ledge, keep running and pick up the Oakheart nearby.

Recover Zinn’s ninth recording

Keep running and look up for a crack in the ceiling. It will be tricky to get there since the crack is really high so you can’t reach it in one shot. Aim a bit lower to get yourself to a higher ledge and then aim at the ceiling crack while be sure that no rocks block your trajectory. The recording is inside.

Recover Zinn’s ninth recording

10. Recover Zinn’s tenth recording

Go northwest from Ancient Hollow waypoint towards the dead end. You will find a small opening on the ground to your left.

Recover Zinn’s tenth recording

11. Recover Zinn’s eleventh recording

Glide down from Heathen’s Hold Waypoint towards Savage Rise. This recording is slightly off the ground of Savage Rise. You can use an oakheart to access it.

Recover Zinn’s eleventh recording

12. Recover Zinn’s twelfth recording

This is inside Iota vault. Make your way to the vault from Heathen’s Hold Waypoint and take a right once inside. Make sure you have Oakheart essence and just grapple over the outcropping.

Recover Zinn’s twelfth recording

13. Recover Zinn’s thirteenth recording

You can glide down here from Heathen’s Hold Waypoint and pick up an Oakheart essence along the way to grapple yourself up to this little cavern by the ceiling. Once you are up there, go to your right for the recording.

Recover Zinn’s thirteenth recording

14. Recover Zinn’s fourteenth recording

This one is a bit well hidden. Take the thermal tubes that shoot you to Rata Arcanum but take the Oakheart Essence by the diving goggles as you glide off. Now drop down to just below Rata Arcanum and look for rocks in the ceiling that you can use your essence to pull yourself higher.

Recover Zinn’s fourteenth recording

There is a ledge on your right that you can fly up to if you are high enough. Try pull yourself to the hanging pillar with the Oakheart next to it. This will you to get to the ledge with a bunch of earth elementals. Run through them to find the recording in a hole at the end.

Recover Zinn’s fourteenth recording

If you have a hard time doing the #14, you can also goin from the Ancient Hollow WP. As you reach the location, go to the SW on your map. Go straight to the edge where you can see 2 ley lines. Use one that will push you up. The force will land you in a higher area full of mushrooms.

In those location, go to the right and use the oakheart mastery right on the edge. As you float there, there will be UB magic and earth eles. Glide down and use the mastery to the last area as said in the previous step. That is where you will land on the area with greens, where you will find the recording.

Those are the guide that you can use to accomplish the GW 2 Lesson Learned Zinn’s Recording Achievement. It is quite hard to do since some of the players may get glitches or bug during the process. Some location also hard to see and reach, so make sure you got the mastery in your bag ready to reach many location.

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