GW 2 druid stone

GW 2 Druid Stone Achievement Complete Guide – GW 2 Flashpoint

During the GW 2 flashpoint, once again you got another sub mission to finish. The first druid stone mission is the part where you should go around the Draconis mons and collect a total of 7 items.

The Awakening the druid stones will be unlocked after you finish the first druid stone. The second achievement will ask you to do the same, but collecting 14 total of items around Draconis mons. To finish the GW 2 Druid Stone, you will need the heavy Houndskin mantle which is the reward of flashpoint mastery achievement.

So, in other words you should finish the flashpoint mastery beforehand. It will take you to finish 20 objectives. It can take a long time to finish, since it needs you to move around many locations and finish all the missions.

The Druid Stone

The Druid Stone is an achievement surrounding the story of the druids in Draconis Mons. After completion, the corresponding achievement Awakening the Druid Stone gets unlocked. Upon finishing the achievement, you will get 3AP and an exotic druid stone backspace.

The Druid Stone

It is also worth mentioning that the Druid stone is part of the Wayfarer’s henge acquisition. While you do this, you will unlock the second tier (the awakening the druid stone). Then finishing the next mission will process the few other missions as well, such as the tier 3 (sprouting the druid stones), and the tier 4 (A henge away from home).

Without further ado, here is the guide that will help you finish the GW 2 Druid Stones and backpack achievement.

1. Volcano’s Heart

Obtained from the last story instance or the Hearth of Volcano story instance. It is where you have to do 26 objectives in the instance. It is actually part of the flashpoint achievement, that will give you many rewards including the volcano hearth. Here is the very brief explanation and what you should do about the particular mission.

The first thing to do is finding the instance and enter it. Upon entering the instance, you find yourself in a caldera with a variety of roaming Destroyers, an energy barrier (a dome-shaped structure) in the center, and (3) Barrier Anchors around the edges.

Taimi provides you with a scanner that enables the release of balls of Dragon energy from the barrier which can be collected and used (with the Redirect Anomaly gliding skill) to destroy the anchors.

While numerous, the Destroyers are nuisances that distract from the main task. Once the anchors have been destroyed, the barrier vanishes and allows you to drop to the next lower level of the caldera. This sequence occurs 3 times.

At the third level, all remaining Destroyers vanish on the destruction of the first anchor, making completion of this level much easier. On dropping down to the lowest level, you find a central platform with Taimi’s Machine being manipulated by Balthazar. After a short cut-scene, Balthazar unleashes his hounds against you.

Both hounds need to be killed (from the ground) and then destroyed by using Dragon energy from the air. This energy is released from Taimi’s device via the scanner, with the energy balls collected in air, then targeted to the “dead” hound before its health can be restored. Once both hounds and Taimi’s device have been destroyed, the instance ends.

Within the caldera, the gliding mechanic changes due to the hot air in the caldera. You will not lose endurance and instead slowly accelerate upward. The longer you glide without cancelling the glide, the faster you will rise. Leaning forward will cause you to accelerate forward and upward more rapidly while leaning backward will result in moving forward and upward slowly.

2. Druid Runestone

The main objective of this part is Obtain a Druid Runestone by combining 5 Druid Runestone Fragments. All of the material is sold by the heart vendors or the unbound magic vendors around the Draconis Mons.

You can get 1x Druid Runestone Fragments a day from the heart vendors in Draconis Mons and 1x from the Unbound Magic vendor at the Mariner’s Landing waypoint.

Druid Runestone

This gives you 5x fragments a day. Once you have 5, double click the fragments to make them into Druid Runestone.

3. The Druid’s Story and 4. A Flower for Kodama

The objective of this mission is to bring the Druid Runestone you gain on the previous step to the Kodama. He is in the Savage Rise, and you need to give the fragments as the token of your friendship.

Finding Kodama isn’t the easiest task. Kodama is on a layer below Savage Rise. When you glide down from Hearthen’s Hold waypoint, look for a layer just below the main Savage Rise level with grubs.

The Druid’s Story and 4. A Flower for Kodama

Interact Kodasama with the Druid Runestone will trigger the collection. In case you also have a Fire Orchid then you can do the step 3 and four right away. You can interact with kodama once again while bringing the orchid. At this point, most likely you already have the item since The fire orchid blossom is one of the heart of the volcano rewards.

If you don’t have the orchid, whether you drop or lose it, then you can buy your missin item at the first vendor in the Dracon mons. If there is no answer, then the item will be available at festival rewards vendor or Dupplymaster hanjo after you complete A henge Away From home.

5. A Flower for Liriodendron

It is the continuation of the previous step, in which you should bring another fire orchid for the Lirodendron. Liriodendron is by the Peaceful Grounds POI on the main level of Savage Rise. Bring a Fire Orchid to him.

A Flower for Liriodendron

6. A Flower for Broadleaf

Broadleaf is on a rock outcropping above Savage Rise. You can glide to him from Hearthen’s Hold waypoint but you have to take the thermal tubes that shoot you up to the sides of the volcano and glide down from there to ensure you don’t lose too much elevation when gliding.

A Flower for Broadleaf

7. A Flower for Rosewood

Rosewood is literally right above the waypoint. Use the bouncing mushroom slightly north of the Ancient Hollow waypoint to get up.

A Flower for Rosewood


Awakening the Druid Stone

This is the next achievement unlocked by completing the Druid Stone achievement. This is a timegated achievement that requires 3 days to complete as you will need 3 different Druid Runestones from completing Heart vendor and sold by the Unbound Magic vendor. Completing it will unlock the Living Druid Stone exotic backpiece.

Awakening the Druid Stone

Without further ado, there is only three objectives to do. So, here is what you should do in the second GW 2 Druid Stone.

1. Wardbough

Greater Wardbough spawns from an escort event that starts at the Scout Clearing POI and leads to Eternal Pool POI in Savage Rise. Defeat it to earn Element of the Wardbough which you can combine with a Druid Runestone to turn into Kodama.


2. Arboreal

Go to the Hidden Lake area in Brisban Wildlands next to Seaph Observers Waypoint – [&BGIAAAA=] and talk to the Restless Arboreal Spirit Hero Challenge NPC. Ask him for an item and he will give you one for the collection.Combine with another Druid Runestone (another day of dailies) and turn it to Kodama.


3. Oakheart

Go to Phinney Waypoint – [&BPMAAAA=] in Queensdale and wait for the Rotting Ancient Oakheart event to spawn. Kill it to receive an Element of the Oakhearts for your collection. Combine with another Druid Runestone (3rd day of dailies) and turn it to Kodama.


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Sprouting the Druid Stone

This part is quite straightforward since it doesn’t really demand you to do a lot of things. However, it takes 5 days to do this as you will need 5 Druid Runestones from completing your daily hearts. Then kill the following champions in Draconis Mons.

• Stonehead King

• Emperior Mattake

• Webby Mother

• Blooodstone-charged Lava Wurm

• Inquest Power Suit

Sprouting the Druid Stone

For the last step, you need to plant Fire Orchid seed you get from harvesting the Fire Orchids (uncommon drop) on a fertile soil near Kodama.

Sprouting the Druid Stone


A Henge Away from Home

As the last achivement to do, there it is not much different with the previous GW 2 druid stone achivement. However, this next achievement take 7 days to complete. You will need to combine 7 Druid Runestones with drops from the following mobs/champions.

• Destroyer Aestus

• Destroyer Ignis

• Molten Desecrator

• Fire Elemental (any map, but some are around Heathen’s Hold waypoint)

• Earth Elemental (any map, but some are around Heathen’s Hold waypoint)

• Air Elemental (can find them in large quantities in Dierdre’s Step in Mount Maelstrom which you have to go for one of the fertile soils anyways)

• Ice Elementals (any Shiverpeak Map really)

As you got some of the materials, you will need to deliver them to some of the location. It is still the continuation, so here is where you should go around the Fertile Soils.

1. Dierdre’s Orchard

Inside Hidden Garden/Dierdre’s Step in Mount Maelstrom. Need 3x Orchid Seeds.

Dierdre’s Orchard

2. Maguuma’s Orchard

Dry top, glide from the waypoint. Need 3x Orchid Seeds.

Maguuma’s Orchard

3. Melandru’s Orchard

Near the waypoint in Cursed Shores. Need 3x Orchid Seeds.

Melandru’s Orchard

4. Seaside Propagation

Glide down east from Ancient Hollow Waypoint, it is close to the sea level.

Seaside Propagation

5. Wind Rider Ledge Propagation

A bit of pain to get to, but you need to use Oakheart Essences from Mariner’s Landing waypoint to shoot yourself up to the Wind Rider Ledge. Once you get to the Wind Rider Ledge, you need to look up and get on top of the really tall rock via Oakheart Essences.

Wind Rider Ledge Propagation

Another alternative way is by gliding and using oakheart from the mariner’s landing waypoint updrafts. You will need to run to the west up the hill and jump to the updrafts while riding a chain of them to the north. And then use an oakheat to jump to the top of the finger of rock or cliff jutting out.

Wind Rider Ledge Propagation

After you see the fertile soil, use the oakheart to pull yourself over the cliff edge. Continue with the combination of oakheart and gliding round the cliff face to reach the fertile soil.

6. Rata Arcanum Propagation

From Heathen’s Hold Waypoint, take 2x Thermal Tubes and glide off on the second one into the little cavern by Rata Sum. Once you are in the cavern, keep going left and you will find the Fertile Soil.

Rata Arcanum Propagation

7. Seaside Ledges Propagation

From Heathen’s Hold Waypoint, drop down 2 levels until you reach this level just above the sea level. There is a little hidden cave here with the Fertile Soil.

Seaside Ledges Propagation

8. Nu II Propagation

From Heathen’s Hold Waypoint, take 2x Thermal Tubes and it will drop you right outside Nu II vault. Enter the vault and stay left until you find the Fertile Soil.

Nu II Propagation

Another way is by using the vent north of Heathen’s Hold waypoint. Then use the vent at the top of the volcano. This will land you outside the vault entrance, go inside and “hang left” and keep going to find the fertile soil at the back end of the vault.

9. Ancient Hollows Propagation

From Ancient Hollows Waypoint, go southwest to find a bouncing mushroom. Take that and 3 more bouncing mushrooms before using an updraft that will take you to a ledge with a bunch of mushrooms. You will find the fertile soil at the west end of this ledge.

Ancient Hollows Propagation

Those are all the things that you should do for this achievement. While the GW 2 Druid stone achievement seems very simple with a very little number of objectives, but it is time gated. Thus, it will take days to finish. hopefully this guide will help, and good luck!