GW 2 Dhuum Raid Boss

GW 2 Dhuum Raid Boss Guide And What To Do

As a massive game with tons of possibilities, GW 2 comes with a generous number of challenges. One of them is the raid boss that is hard to defeat, the Dhuum. This particular raid boss will need you to coordinate with other people in a group. At the same time, the boss will need a bit of trickery to defeat it. Here is the gw 2 dhuum raid boss guide for you.


About The Boss

About The Boss

This particular boss has the relation to the hall of chains story. It’s biography traced back far before he departed from the underworld as the god of death. But then during the hall of chains, he managed to open the seal and try to invade tyria along with other underworld beings.

But the spirits of ice wastes and desmina slowing down his effort. The story continues as you and your team will help Desmina in defeating the Dhuum minions, and the dhuum himself. This is the time where you should work together and do quite a lot of time to finally kill the dhuum

Aside from the story, the dhuum itself has an enrage timer around 10 minute. You can consider it as quite long, and make the battle harder. Another worth to jot down Is the very long green health bar of dhuum. He has an HP of 32 million or around 40 CM. Which makes him hard to defeat, especially with lack of players in the team.

You can find this raid boss on the hall of chains, right on the hall of judgement at the underworld. His ability of The Ender of All is quite annoying since it can give devastating damage. And you also have to notice that he tends to target players with the highest toughness. So, a tanker will be a good solution to fight its damage.

Note during the fight:

– Dhuum has 2597 armor (1374 toughness and 1223 defense).

– Dhuum has a 400 range diameter hitbox, which is considered huge. His hitbox size does not change in the 10% phase.

The Event Rewards

If I have to say, this particular GW 2 Dhuum raid boss is quite rewarding. It is especially for those who love playing in a big number of groups. Here is what you can get

– 2 coin (doubled with Call of the Mists active)

– 200,025 exp

– 10,000 karma

– Gaeting Crystal (15)

– Dhuum’s Coffer

– Compendium of Knowledge (with Call of the Mists active)

– Malevolent Coalescence (drops if the Coalescence I: Unbridled collection hasn’t yet been unlocked)

– 1 random piece of equipment of Exotic rarity

– A chance at the following unique drops (more than one can drop at a time):

The Event Rewards


Class Comp

There is something unique about the GW 2 Dhuum Raid boss, which is that different groups run different comps for this boss. You generally need to run at least two Power DPS to deal with the Enforcer mobs that spawn earlier in the fight as they take extra damage from Power classes.

You need at least three players to do the green circle mechanic. These players need to be on a good mobility and non-squishy class. If you are having DPS classes doing this, then you can use the two healer setup. If you are having the healers and off-tank chrono doing it, then you will need three healer setup.

You will need a kiter for Dhuum’s Messengers. This is usually always a healing class, since they will need to be able to heal themselves away from the group. They are also posed with tons of dangers. If you can find those with great mobility and work as a healer, then it will be perfect.

Having a personal condi cleanse and a stun breaker will be useful, to agro the boss. One of Dhuum’s attacks applies a very long lasting fear that can be deadly if you don’t have a stun breaker and fail to avoid it. It can be best to gather more players, while the condi minimize the effect.


The Mechanic On The Dhuum Boss Raid

There are some mechanisms that make the GW 2 Dhuum raid boss hard to beat. It can be confusing as hell, especially if you are a first timer. You can go with your team, but at least some of the things that you should know beforehand.

1. Green Circle/Orbs

Starting at 9:30 on the timer and every 30s, a Reaper will have a green circle underneath them that lasts for 5 seconds. One player needs to stand on the green circle when it disappears or that Reaper dies and the raid wipes. The player that is inside of the green circle gets transformed into a spirit orb and is shot up in the air.

Green Circle Orbs

The player that is shot up in the air has 15s to collect 5 orbs or they will die (it takes 4s to get shot up so you only have 11s to collect orbs). You can see the timer and your orb count on your buffbar. The red orbs will start spawning at the outside of the arena and move in towards the center.

You can move quite quickly to reach the red orbs around you, but be careful as the center circle of this part where the orb disappears will instantly kill you if you travel too far into it (appear as a white misty cylinder). There are two types of orbs: small and big.

You must try to get 1 big orb everytime you go up as that will stop the spawning of the Enforcer below. The only time you can skip a big orb is if you are running out of time and it is either grab a small orb or you die to the timer. If you go clockwise in the air you should always see a big orb somewhere. If you failed to grab a big orb you will need to inform your group so they can be prepared for an Enforcer spawning.

Green Circle Orbs

When the player finishes collecting 5 orbs and are teleported back to the arena, they are given a debuff for 60s, and if that player tries to stand in another green circle while having this debuff, they will instantly die. This means that you will need a minimum of 3 players to rotate through the green circles to cover every one.

The green circles spawn in clockwise fashion around the room starting at the Reaper to the left of Dhuum’s throne (if you are facing him). That Reaper is typically marked as an arrow symbol with squad markers. Then you simply mark the Reapers in a clockwise from that one (arrow –> circle –> heart –> square –> star –> spiral –> triangle).

Green Circle Orbs

2. Affliction

Roughly every 10 seconds, a squad member will be given Affliction. This message appears on every player’s screen and the targeted player will have both a ring of green flames around them and a timer above their head. The Afflicted player will be given a special action key that will allow them to detonate the Affliction before the timer.


When the timer runs out or the player hits their special action key, a powerful room wide AoE pulse will go out that does 0 damage to the Afflicted player, but incredible amounts of damage to nearby players. In order to not kill your squad members, the Afflicted player should be 1500+ range minimum from the rest of the squad.

Preferably on the other side of the arena if the group is low on health/struggling to heal. A good way to tell if you are far away enough is to use the fog of war in your minimap. If you don’t see any blue dot inside your vision, you can safely detonate with the special action key.

After you get the Affliction, you will get a debuff for ~30 seconds that prevents you from getting it again. The main tank cannot get Affliction so there isn’t a tank swap mechanic. Players with Affliction will have it removed during the Soul Splitting attack and the player returning from the orbs mechanic cannot get damaged by the affliction for a few seconds.

3. Soul spitting

There are two forms of soul spitting attack that you should know from this GW 2 Dhuum Raid Boss.

3.1 Avoidable Soul Splitting

Avoidable Soul Splitting

Everyone except the tank needs to stack right behind Dhuum. When Dhuum turns around and disappears into the ground, he will target one player and reappear underneath their feet at their current location with a circle AoE attack. If everyone is stacked, they can all run out immediately when Dhuum appears and avoid the Soul Splitting easily by double dodging.

If you don’t dodge out when the inner circle reaches the outer circle, Dhuum will split you from your soul and you will need to locate your soul within a few seconds or you will be killed. You will be knocked back ~1000 range from your body and need to run back to the large beam of light indicating where your body was.

He leaves behind a greenish AoE field that instantly down anyone stepping on it and will steal all the boons of the players who got by the circle attack. The person who lost their soul can run over the green AoE to get their soul back (as long their soul isn’t on top of the AoE).

3. 2 Unavoidable Soul Splitting (Greater Death Mark)

Unavoidable Soul Splitting (Greater Death Mark)

At set times, Dhuum will disappear into the ground and teleport to the middle of the room. When this happens, everyone needs to put your back close to the wall of the room and face Dhuum. Dhuum will unleash an AoE attack that will soul-spit everyone.

If you put your back close to the wall, you will only be knocked back a certain distance and can easily get back to the beam of light. Dhuum will also apply 6 stacks of Torment to everyone and this can be group cleansed if everyone is stacked together.

Unavoidable Soul Splitting (Greater Death Mark)

Make sure you also have a personal cleanse if you are somehow far away from the group. Right after this Soul-Spit attack, Dhuum will start sucking people into him. As long as you are close to the wall and not near the center you should have enough distance to not get sucked in.

Players can apply protection right before this attack happens to reduce the damage and Druids can bring Guard to lessen the damage for your squad. This attack will also steal all the boons from everyone so you will need to reapply might/fury and strip Dhuum’s boons he stole from the squad.

4. Shackles

Starting at 60% of Dhuum’s HP, Shackle mechanics will occur. Two players will be selected (the two players are likely the two players whose hitboxes are closest to each other at that moment) to receive shackles. You will see a red text message – Your Soul has been shackled to another! if and only if you are one of the two players being shackled. There will also be a bright chain animation between the players.


When this happens, players need to run away from each other to break the chain (~1200 range). Otherwise the chain will continuously damage and down both players. This mechanic doesn’t have many warnings and it doesn’t tell you who you are shackled to so you will need to pay extra attention and call out when you get the shackle.

If a shackled player downs or dies, the other player will still take damage until they move far enough away and break the shackle. The shackles seem to occur every 5% past 60% and sometimes can sync up with the Soul Split mechanic. If this happens it can be quite deadly as the shackles will deal continuous damage as you try to get back to your light.

5. Dhuum

GW 2 Dhuum raid boss becomes active at 8 minutes left on the timer. Tanks usually tank him in the corners of the room in a counterclockwise fashion.

His auto attack is a large sweep that hits in front of him in a large cone as well as spawns AoE circles around him. The sweep is easily avoided by standing behind him (everyone but the tank should do this) and the AoEs are simply side-steppable or tankable, as they do relatively low damage (also applies a poison debuff).


His second attack is an animation where he will turn round towards the center of the room and slam his scythe down. The area his scythe touches will be telegraphed by a glowing orange AoE. Any player that stacks properly behind the boss will not have to worry about this attack, as it hits really far away from the boss.

It is likely intended to serve as another mechanic for the Messenger kiter. This attack will cause glowing green vines to radiate from the area hit by the scythe. The vines will place a long lasting fear on the players hit by it and you will need a stun-breaker to break out of it. The fear is very deadly as you can get feared into AoEs or into the throne that instantly kills you.


Past 30%, Dhuum gains a new attack that is easy to avoid. Dhuum will turn around and target a player, then use a cone AoE pull onto them, like the Reaper GS skill 5. This cone is easily side-stepped to the left or right, but the cone on the ground is much smaller than the actual area where you will get pulled/hit. To avoid simply just stand to the side. Vines will also radiate from this attack to the entire fight area.


6. 10% phase

When Dhuum reaches 10%, the fight timer of the gw 2 dhuum raid boss will get reset to 1:45.

Everyone will be lifted up in the air above and everyone needs to collect 5 orbs. You have plenty of time to grab orbs, so make sure you don’t rush it and fly into the center of the room where the white pillar of death resides. Once you grab 5 orbs, you will be teleported down to the middle of the room inside a protective bubble holding Dhuum’s body.

10% phase

Wait for everyone to finish grabbing their orbs and then 7 players (non-squishy players ideally) will run out to each of the 7 Ethereal Seals and interact with it. They will run back inside the protective bubble and then everyone will get a few seconds to DPS Dhuum before he goes immune and you need to repeat this again.

You will take damage outside the bubble so you will want to do and run back quick. You don’t have to interact with the seals all at the same time so you can just run out, get the seal and then run back. With good DPS you should only need to repeat this once to kill Dhuum.

10% phase


NPCs and Adds

As said before, the GW 2 Dhuum Raid boss will heavily rely on its mobs and underlings. While the main boss itself is already strong, the reapers and the enforces are quite annoying at some point. That is why, you should know who the NPCs are and what you should do with them.

1. Reapers

There are seven Reapers of the Underworld located around the fight area in a circle. They will begin the ritual to summon Dhuum so you can defeat him. They must be protected at all times as the fight fails immediately when one of them dies. It can be hard to do, that is why you can assign some players that do the exact job.

They spawn from the circular pads in the area and you can pre-mark these pad locations with icons to make it easy to reference the reaper locations. Each has a visible health bar above their heads, and they can be healed if they take damage.


2. Dhuum’s minions

Dhuum’s Enforcers are large skeletons that spawn at the four corners of the room in a clockwise pattern starting at the SW corner (right of the entrance). You will see a large orb floating slowly from Dhuum’s Throne. Once that orb reaches its destination, an Enforcer will spawn from the orb and start walking towards the nearest Reaper.

These Enforcers are vulnerable to physical attacks so having at least 2-3 Power DPS for this fight is highly recommended. These champion Enforcers cannot be hard CC’d, but they can be immobilized or chilled while they are walking to their targeted Reaper. If an Enforcer makes it to a Reaper it will deal significant damage to the Reaper, so these mobs should be a priority for your team if they spawn.

Dhuum’s minions

The Enforcers will not attack you except at the start of the fight where the Reapers have not spawned. They have a fast telegraphed front cleave attack that can instantly down you. When they start to hit the Reapers they hit an AoE in front of them so be careful not to get hit as it can deal ~5k damage.

You usually only have to deal with the Enforcers at the first 2 minutes of the fight as they should stop spawning once Dhuum comes down unless your orb person screws up and doesn’t get a big orb.

3. Dhuum’s Messengers

Dhuum’s Messengers are Flesh Golems with an aggro mechanic that requires a kiter. They spawn in a similar fashion to the Enforcers, but instead spawn from the smaller orbs that come from Dhuum’s throne towards the center of the room. Each Messenger has a very high damage aura around them that can down a player in 2 ticks and they will go towards the Reapers if not kited.

To kite them, you will need a kiter to attack them from range. They will aggro the first person that attacked them and remain aggroed on them until they despawn ~20 seconds later. If a non-kiter accidently get them first, they will need to kite it away from the group until it despawns.

Dhuum’s Messengers

The Messengers spawn at a fast rate at the initial 2 minutes of the fight. Once Dhuum comes down the Messengers spawn at a much slower rate. The kiter can then go around to heal the Reapers/group and participate in the Dhuum fight while keeping an eye on the Messenger spawns. This is why the GW 2 Dhuum Raid Boss needs a lot of players for different assignments.

4. Deathlings

Deathlings are tiny spiders that spawn near the middle of the room and pick a Reaper to attack. They do not deal significant damage to the reapers and your team can easily cleave them down while moving past them or while a player is handling a specific mechanic and passing by.

Although they will not attack you, like the Enforcers, if you stand in their AoE cleave range in front of them, multiple Deathling attacks can kill someone standing in the wrong place. Deathlings are vulnerable to condition damage like Enforcers are to power damage, but they have low health and can be easily taken care of by power classes too.


Worth noting that defeating the GW 2 Dhuum raid boss is not an easy matter. You must take a lot of attention from everything that happens during the fight. In many cases, going with a bigger team will be beneficial since you can assign different jobs for each. So, you can focus on attacking the boss or protecting the reapers. Good luck!