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Have you heard about Guild wars 2? If you are here, highly possible you are already set your eyes in this game. Whether you are interested to try or just looking for information, we will gladly tell you that this game is phenomenal. Released in 2012 as the sequel of the previous game, ArenaNet present a bigger, more immersive, and more captivating the world of Tyria. They create a fantasy world in the Guild Wars 2, that still loved and way more popular than the last one.

About Guild War 2

1. The MMORPG That unlike Any Other Game

What make this game standout over the crowd is the storyline feature that make the game appear more unique. Each character, event, mission, NPC, or anything inside the game have background story. Making the progress the role-playing aspects hit your heart. There are also dynamic events, daily events, and numerous game modes, that make GW 2 more playable for long time.

2. Fluid And Impressive Combat System

Whether you have play the game or checking out the gameplay, the combat system is the main point why GW 2 is worth your time. The ArenaNet develops a more dynamic fight that created by combining effort from both profession and the environment into a lethal weapon. There are also constant updates and patches that lessen the mechanism complexity and system, that make the players enjoy the game better than the previous one.
GW 2 is one of the games that you will be hard to miss out. In fact, the game becomes way better for higher level characters (80+). However, reaching that level takes a lot of time. If you look for the fast way to improve your level, consider to hire MMOPilot Guild wars 2 power leveling service. They will help you conserve your time, and charge you with reasonable price. So, don’t be shy! They will help you level faster and get the best gear possible.

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