Guardian Dungeon Rewards, Is It Worth To Do! Lost Ark Guide

Guardian Dungeon Rewards, Is It Worth To Do! Lost Ark Guide

At the end game period of Last Ark, everything goes beyond normal. Some things are harder to achieve as several guests and acts demand more skills or gates. However, the show must go on. You cannot stop playing as the game keeps on progressing, or else you will be left behind. 

Among the many things to do is the Guardian Dungeon, which is seen as daily activities for the end game players. But what will you get? Is it worth the daily grind? Here are a bit details to learn. 

What to expect from the Guardian raid?

It is obvious that the raid will turn into a guardian slaughtering party game, but what you can get is something else. It has become part of the end game for reasons, and one of them is the rewarding items. Most of the items are upgrade materials, jewelry with engravings, or some other items. 

Guardian rocks are a great source of jewelry, but the drop of ability stones and engraving progress are also pretty tempting to see. If you are lucky, some raids also come with items that can buff your core skills. 

The guardian raid rewards 

Remember that guardian raids come with tiers. So, the like you got for the rewards will depend on the tiers. Generally, the upgrade material for every tier will math the item level band. 

Some of the items are jewelry, stone fragments, ability stones, class engraving book, galewind rune, or stone fragment. The higher tier you got the rarer the items are.

At the end of the day, games like Lost Ark always have heavy grinding aspects. As your level is getting higher, the challenge is bigger. Guardian dungeon is a nice source of several important items, which also means you need to face the daily grind. 

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