Get Ready to Get Anguished Isle Island Token

Hi players, do you need some help on how to get the anguished isle island token in Lost Ark? Well, we are glad you found us because we will explain it to you in detail. Please stand by this article and try this one when you play the game that was made by Smilegate and published by Amazon Game Studios.

Can We Have an Anguished Isle Island Token?

In the game Lost Ark, there are 95 island tokens to acquire. These island tokens may be gathered and given to an NPC in Opher, the Lonely Island. Collecting all 95 island tokens will net you a variety of goodies, such as stat potions, skill point potions, mounts, and so on.

The Slime Island Token is obtained by a random number generator. You must finish a brief quest line to open a dungeon on the map in order to obtain this token. You have a chance to obtain the Anguished Isle Island Token after finishing the dungeon.

A random number generator is used to generate the Slime Island Token. To get this token, you must complete a brief questline in order to access a dungeon on the map. After completing the dungeon, you have a chance to earn the Anguished Isle Island Token.

You must first accomplish the missions listed below. On the island, there is a main quest chain that you may find:

  • The Anguished Isle’s Secret
  • To the Anguished Isle
  • The Kidnapped People
  • Unusual Mayhem
  • Assisting the Isle’s Militia

After finishing these quests, you’ll obtain a brand new repeatable quest in Anguished Isle that rewards the Garden of Despair key, which you’ll be able to do every day after reset.

A Crimson Skein, a special currency that can be used by a merchant near the dungeon, is dropped by the mission. The mission will also drop a Garden of Despair Key, which will provide you with access to a dungeon at the map’s rear.
Once you enter the dungeon, you might want to beat the ultimate boss at the finish. Upon defeating the ultimate boss, you’ll obtain the Crimson Skein and have the possibility to earn the Anguished Isle Island Token. Well, we have another item of information. You can get a chance to get a rare Omnium Star.

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