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You can say that Guild Wars 2 have been aging well. It means the MMORPG released in 2012 keeps on blooming and getting better. There are numerous game modes and vast gameplay in it. No wonder that a lot of new players find this game overwhelming. In this case, a beginner might never try Fractal of the Mists. What are they? What to do? To give you a tad bit of help, here is some info regarding the fractal.

Fractal Of The Mist For Beginner

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1. What Is Fractal?

To say it bluntly, a fractal is just like a dungeon but bigger. To complete it, you must go through 100 levels, which gets more challenging every time you advanced. Those 100 levels divided into 4 tier levels that consist of 25 groups. You got T1 to T4.
To play fractal, you will start from the very beginning of the level. It is because you need to build your resistance level, and probably getting ready for whatever you are going to face in the future. Indeed, you will die if you force yourself to jump into higher tiers.

2. What Is Agony Resistance?

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In the fractal, there is AR or Agony Resistance that commonly be one of the discussions. This thing is essential for you who want to reach level 20+. With that in mind, you need to learn the AR mechanism in a lower rank. Then slowly get higher AR for a higher level. And eventually, win the fractal and get a lot of gold.
Need time to understand and master this game. It is not only about fractals, but also another mechanism in the game is very extensive. In case you want to complete the fractal but don’t feel confident about it, then hire Guild Wars 2 service from MMOPilot. They can help you conserve your time, energy, and effort to win the fractal. In fact, their price is not as high as you think. So, please don’t be shy to ask for their help!

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