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If you are one of those people who are excited to try the Chuka and Champawat, it must be fun and exciting to finally reach this phase. After the three achievement collections, now you are in the last one: A Nontraditional Family. So, what you will face in this last stage? Here is what you should do to finish the precursor weapon.

Chuka and Champawat IV: A Nontraditional Family

What It Is

Welcome to the fourth weapon achievement collection for the legendary bow Chuka and Champawat! This might be the last stage for the precursor weapon, but do you get all of the other component for crafting? If you do, then congratulation!

But hold your horses! To process this stage, you will need the prerequisite of scholar of secrets before trying finishing the collection. So, what you will get from this achievement? The main reward will be the Gift of family and unlocking the Tigris.

How To Finish This Fourth Last Tier

Are you ready to start your journey? As hard and complicating as any other stages, in this part you also need to collect various items. The total is only 9 items, but all of them demand you to do numerous task and events. You must find those items that scattered in Tyria under HOT expansion.

From talking to the NPCs, finishing achievement inside the achievement, doing some tasks, and collecting some information, once again this last phase is not easy at all. In fact, you have to spend more time to finish and collect everything.

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