Fast and Quick Way to Get Legendary Weapon HOPE III: Prototype – Guild Wars 2 Service

Fast and Quick Way to Get Legendary Weapon HOPE III: Prototype – Guild Wars 2 Service

In every game, one way to make it better is by increasing the level of your weapon. With a more advance weapon you’ll be a ble to have a much more exciting experience when playing the game. It’s the same thing as when you play Guild Wars 2. Have you get the coolest weapon on Guild Wars 2 yet? If not, you should check out this tips on how to get legendary weapon HOPE, Prototype.

Legendary Weapon HOPE III: Prototype

1. What It Is

In this step, you’ve already gone through collection achievement of Research and Development. Now, it’s time to make the Prototype. If previously you learn from the Hylek, now you start to approach Azura for their knowledge of magic. You have to research about magic through them and use it in the real world. Before attempting to complete this achievement, you first have to already have Historian of the Armaments. At the end of the mission, you will be rewarded with Chest of Anomaly.

2. How to Get It

This, as far as the collection achievement f HOPE goes, is the most items that you have to collect. In total, you have to collect thirty one items. The items are obtained in various places throughout Tyria. The thing is that you need to do a lot of task and events to get those items. So, you can spend too much time trying to figure put the place and finishing the tasks. But, the end result is worth everything.

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