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Who doesn’t want the cool looking legendary pistol Hope? From the appearance and the effects, this weapon is amazing. But hold your horse! Hope or any other legendary weapon is not for faint-hearted people. To get one, you should go through lengthy process of gathering and moving around to finish the precursor weapon achievement.The third one is the Prototype. Here is what you should do

Legendary Weapon HOPE III: Prototype

What Is Prototype

Prototype is the name of the precursor weapon required for Hope. But to get one, you need to finish all the mission. This one is the third achievement quest when you have to finish the research and development steps. Basing on the myth of the game, in this phase you should be an apprentice of Asura the wizard of technomagical research. Learning how to use the Eternal Alchemy and show what you got in the world.

The Acquisition Process

As you got the story, so what you should do next? In the previous phase you learn about the research and development, here you have to show everyone what you learned. Basically, you must gather 31 items in the journey.

How to get them? In any cases, you should goes around the Tyria to gather all of them. From collecting crystal, looting and gathering component, take the generator and test the energy, purchasing the recipe from the Grandmaster Craftsman Hoobs and many more. Basically, as long as the precursor weapon achievement process, this part is the most tedious one since you got a lot to find

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