After contract agreement, you can choose full time or shared play time. If you choose shared play time, you can play it either as long as we have 8-9 hours to complete the job. But of course, if you choose shared play time, the delivery time is longer. 

Yes, it’s Safe. We use VPN to accommodate our need and provide same IP address range that your IP address area use.

You can contact us by email, skype, or you can use live chat at  below 🙂

We already have experiences 7 years++ in boosting services. and we always make our job done by 100% handwork, NO BOT, Script or anything that may make our customers worries.

We have many good reputations on trading market especially at power level.

Every single job we get worked by a real person, not a Bot. So, it’s safe for our customers and of course we don’t use any illegal software that cause troubles to our customers. 

We play 16-20 hours a day and 7 days a week, so that we can assure faster job completions.

For payment currently, we only accept PayPal and Skrill



Yes, you can go to our website and fill form request game at Contact menu and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Yes, we occasionally give coupons to our beloved customer and if you need more discount  you can directly chat us via live chat for term and conditions.