Easiest Way to Get Your Armorsmith from Level 400 to 500 – Guild Wars 2 Service

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Level 400-500 of your Armorsmith journey is where the fun part began. This is not a must-have that every player needs to complete, but if you want to, this is where you get the return from all the gold that you spend. All your hard work will be paid if you do the last one hundred levels. This article will talk about things that you need to get started in getting to level 500.

Armorsmith Leveling 400-500

1. Level 400-425

The beginning stage of level 400, you need to prepare for the components to use for later levels. If you want to get to level 500 quickly, you need to discover a lot of items. At level 400, get a lot of Orichalcum items. You can see the extensive details on each and the specific on the wiki page of Guild Wars 2. In level 425, you need to make discoveries in a total of eight by combining the items that you buy beforehand.

2. Level 425-500

After the many discoveries of your previous levels, you still need to discover more. At level 500, you have to discover nine things by crafting from the crafting materials. Most of them are from the Orichalcum items. At the level 475, which is the final step, it requires you to find 11 discoveries. Most of them are using the same recipe as before. But, at this level, the items that you craft have a lot more value than the previous levels.

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