Daily Tournament Rewards – Guild Wars 2 Service

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Guild Wars 2 is an extensive game. ArenaNet works to update the game now and then. Players love that they will always find new things to conquer. Guild Wars 2 also over many tournaments for players to compete. You can enter daily tournaments and get rewards in a form of Unidentified Dye, Mystic Coin, and Qualifying Points. What you get depends on your rank. So here are the details of those rewards.

Here is Things That You Get

1. Unidentified Dye

Unidentified Dye is really valuable. You can use this to unlock for all of your characters or you can also use it to recycle at the mystic forge. They have many colors, each of them can be crafted into different items that are rare to get. In daily tournament, for the first place, you can get 5, for 2nd place you get 4 and the third one you will get 3 unidentified dyes. While for the 5th to 8th place you will only get one unidentified dye.

2. Mystic Coin

Having Mystic Coin in your possession allows you to craft high-level weapons. You can forge them at the Mystic Forge in the Lion’s Arch. This will be something useful if you want to create a rare weapon that you can only get by forging it yourself. For your rewards in completing a daily tournament, you will get 5 of Mystic Coins if you’re on the 1st place, 3 coins for the 2nd place. While for the 3rd and 4th place you can earn 3 coins. If you win on the 5th to 8th place, then you will only get 1 coin.

3. Qualifying Points

This reward is a currency that you earned by participating in PvP daily tournaments. Every point that you get will be shown to everyone if they look into the PvP Tournament window. You will go back to point zero because of the clearance that ArenaNet does after the monthly tournament is finished. You will get this point either way if you join the tournament. The biggest one is given to the first place, which is a 50 point rewards.

4. Gold

There are many ways that you can gain gold. Fractal is the mission that is good to earn it. But, by completing daily tournament, you will also receive rewards in coin. The highest gold earn in this one is 25 gold which is given to the first winner. While the lowest one you can get is if you’re in the 9th to 16th places, which are 5 gold per person.

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