Crystal Desert: Open Skies: On Wings And A Prayer Guide — Griffon Mount Guild Wars 2

Crystal Desert: Open Skies: On Wings And A Prayer Guide — Griffon Mount Guild Wars 2

Almost done! Crystal Desert open skies on wings and a prayer is the last-last achievement to do for the Griffon mount in Guild Wars 2. The final is just like what you expect, a boss battle. But be sure you are ready with everything. Here are a few hints to win the battle. 

Triggering The Last Boss Battle 

After getting all of the collection from the library instance, you can go back to the Spearmarshal sanctuary using the Spearmarshal Plea. After teleported to the area, interact with the pedestal. It will port you to a new spearmarshal’s lament instance to fight a boss after you choose ready to battle.

Head up that the boss battle is a bit of a challenge by itself since you have to complete it alone, no friend or party. While it is a bit hard, it is completely doable. Just prepare yourself with good items to refill your HP or MP. 

Beware Of The Tar Shield Effect 

Like many other events and bosses, the monster will have special effects. In this case, the best thing you should be aware of is the Tar Shield. It is an effect that makes the boss temporarily invincible. It will be a bit of trouble to fight this time since the effect happens every 25% HP. 

But you can fight and the only way to counter the immunity shield is by mounting a griffon. You can talk to one of the griffons, ride it, and run up to use the #1 griffon attack to the shield. It will break the shield. 

After the boss is dead, the Griffon mount will be your reward. It also comes with several masteries that you can flex to your friend. 

Has a problem in finishing the task? Wings And A Prayer

Completing the whole achievement for the Griffon Mount is a bit of a challenge. You have to go around the maps, collect items, fight, and eventually beat the boss. It takes time and skills. But the result is a rewarding hidden mount. 

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