Chaos Dungeon Rewards, What Makes It Worth! Lost Ark Guide

Chaos Dungeon Rewards, What Makes It Worth! Lost Ark Guide

There are many ways to enjoy the long and endless journey in Lost Ark. As the game offers a unique styled fight and raid, there are points when you need to do the end game routine. And surprisingly, the chaos dungeon is one of the best things to do. But at what cost? Here are some expected rewards you may need for the further level. 


Materials are the most common and heavily sought over rewards in the game. Lost Ark by itself is pretty tedious in the leveling term, which needs items to keep getting higher in level. In the chaos dungeon, you can get silver, gold, shards, leap stones, stone fragments, and many more. Most of those materials are meant to trade, repair or gear honing. 


You can also get Tickets, such as cube and boss rush tickets. Each has its functions. The boss rush is a one-use ticket to enter a boss rush after tier 2. The cube ticket is also one-use only for PvE. 


There are also some accessories and gears. The chaos dungeon gears are the only items you can find in this mission. And many other accessories include earring, necklace, and rings. Some have basic enhancement, such as engraving effect or combat stats. 


The most common items are engraving recipes and XP cards. It is very important for leveling, which you can gather from the dungeon from time to time. But again, recipes need to be fully collected and it can take some time. 

The chaos dungeons are a great option to gather or source of upgrade materials. Some of them are also pretty extremely important, which is why it turns into the best endgame daily routine. But beating the chaos dungeon from time to time is a lot of grind. You might find it boring, which MMOPILOT can give help as a game booster service. We will do the task for your need