In playing an online game, every gamers must have their own tricks and skills to reach the master level. This ability is not an easy thing to get because master skills can be obtained from the owner experience. It takes a long time to master a great skill so that the beginner players are afraid to compete with the masters. Take it easy, here are the master tricks for power leveling in Guild Wars 2 service so that you can fight with master confidently.

Master tricks for power leveling in Guild Wars 2

1. Many roam in the arena

First master tricks for power leveling in Guild Wars 2 service is by exploring the battlefield arena. Exploring the game arena is the best way to get some coin bonuses for your character’s skill. After collecting coins on the battlefield, you can start upgrading your character’s skills and weapons.

2. Collecting raw materials

Next master trick in Guild Wars 2 is collecting the raw materials in the game arena. After upgrading weapons and your character skills, collect a few more coins. Coins that have been collected will be used to buy one of the mining tools in the form of logging axes, miners, or sickles from available traders. After that, you can collect raw materials in the arena.

3. Immediately complete the available mission

The next master trick for playing Guild Wars 2 is completing the mission as soon as possible. You have to explore the battlefield arena to get various of missions. By completing as many missions as possible, you will be given a lot of XP, karmas and coins.

4. Buy crafts to level up quickly

The most important point for power leveling in Guild Wars 2 is buying crafts. You have to explore the arena and travel between the cities. After finding a crafting place, you can use the coins and karmas that you got earlier to buy them. With this craft, you will be easier to power leveling without having to fight with other enemies or players.

That’s the discussion about master tricks for power leveling in Guild Wars 2 service that you can apply when playing Guild Wars 2. When fighting an enemy, prioritize to kill the enemies with the same level as your character. Because if you succeed in killing them, you will get a lot of XP. Hope this article will be useful for you.