Guild Wars 2 is one of the most popular online games among game lovers. This online game has its own superiority that make it loved by its players. One of them is about the number of skills that can be mastered in this game. In playing an online game, you must need a great skills to pass every challenge given. Not only that, the skill functions is to fight the enemies and also power leveling to the top level.

Because of the importance of the skills in this Guild Wars 2 service, you must explore the arena based on your own playing experience. One of the skills in the game is called thief skill. For further reviews, here is the explanation for you.

Kinds of mechanics thief skills in GW2 that you should know

1. Stealing

Stealing is the first mechanic in thief skill Guild Wars 2 service that you should know. This skill is the most important skill in thief skill. There is a shortcut menu in the GW 2 game to see your stealing skill, by pressing F1. While the shortcut menu for viewing skills that have been stolen is F2. The skill of the enemy you have stolen will appear on the F2 menu and become your secondary skill.

2. Stealth Attacks

Stealth Attacks are the second mechanic thief skill after stealing. This skill has a different function, depending on how great you are at playing the game. You can kill enemies easily with this skill. You just need to keep practicing so that you can master this skill easily.

3. Dual Wield Skills

Dual Wield Skills are the third mechanic thief skill after Stealth Attacks. This skill has different effects if it is combined with different weapons. You can combine them with several weapons and choose the ones that have the strongest effect against the enemies.

4. Initiative

The Initiative is the last mechanic thief skill. This skill has a strong extra power to crush your enemies in the GW 2 game.
Those are the types of mechanical skills in Guild Wars 2 service that you have to know. You have mastered some of the skills so that your can play the game until you reach the highest level in GW 2. Hope this information is useful for you!

Games are something that is very fun to fill your free time. Along with the development of technology, the offline games have been abandoned and gamers prefer online games. The online games have more complete features because it is constantly being updated and you can play with players from everywhere by online. One of the most popular online games is the Guild Wars 2 or GW 2. Here are the reasons why Guild Wars 2 service is worth playing.

Reasons why GW 2 is worth playing

1. A challenging game

First reason why Guild Wars 2 is worth playing is it has challenging things inside, as you know, GW 2 has a wide server that can include international servers. You can join the world vs world server provided in the Guild Wars 2 service. With a broad map, you can be more challenged because you have to fight hundreds of players on that server.

Besides that, if you are bored with the games with many players, you can switch to Player vs. Player or PvP servers. On this server, you will be placed in a smaller area to complete certain missions.

2. Train skills with various interesting characters
Second reason why Guild Wars 2 is worth playing is it has many unique characters that can train your skills. The many choices of characters and weapons provided make you able to adventure by trying out the available items. You can fight using the strength of the characters you choose.

3. Special surprise every time you play

Third reason why Guild Wars 2 is worth playing because there is a lot of surprised inside the game. When you play it, you will be surprised by the dynamic events that keep changing every time you log in to the game. Of course, it will be very interesting because it will not make you bored.

That’s the reason why Guild Wars 2 is worth playing by the gamers. There are lots of unique Guild Wars 2 services that you can find on this online game. Hope this article can be useful for the readers!

Playing online games can be said to be easy but also difficult. It is because playing games is entertainment only. However, if you do not master the skills of the game, you will lose the games. It will make you upset because you can’t win the game, besides that you can also be scolded by other players. To avoid this, here are the important tips you must know to master Guild Wars 2 service.

Important tips you must know in playing Guild Wars 2

1. Using a Gems Card in Guild Wars 2

The first important tips you have to know in Guild Wars 2 is how to use gems card in this game. Gem card is a card that contains a code to be inserted into the game to get gem in the game. You must log in to your GW 2 account first, then click the ‘Black Lin Trading Company’ panel (click the tiger icon or shortcut O). Then, you must select ‘Redeem Code’ and type the code in the gem card manually.

You have to do that way to avoid errors because the system cannot detect it by copy paste the code. After that, you must follow the steps on the screen to complete it.

2. Download Client in Guild Wars 2

Second important tips that you should know is about downloading clients in this game. First, you have to log in to your GW 2 account. Then, go to Account Management. Then, click on Download for Windows. After that, look for your download file named ‘GW2Setup.exe’ and install it. Last, you have to follow the steps to complete it.

Those are some important tips that you should know in Guild Wars 2 service. Some of the tips above are needed so that you can play the game to the fullest. Look at the instructions correctly so that the system error does not occur. You also have to use the fast internet so that the process is not failed. Hopefully the information above can help you.

Playing online games is very addictive because it can calm your mind for a moment from your daily routine. Because it is very addictive, you must be able to control yourself to keep the limits so that you don’t become really addicted. Online games are divided into two, free online games and paid online games. However, free online games have limited access and also characters that can only be accessed by paid players.

For online games lovers, paying the games to make playing comfortable is a must. However, for beginners, paying for an online game is not bad idea, especially for a game like Guild Wars 2. Well, for beginners who just bought Guild Wars 2 service, read this information after buying GW 2.

Things you should do to use the serial key in Guild Wars 2

1. For players who have had a previous Guild Wars 2 account

The first thing you have to do after buying the Guild Wars 2 service is to go to the Arena.Net website. If you already have a Guild Wars 2 account before, you don’t need to registering anymore. You can directly click log in or
On the log in menu, you must fill in your email or account name that has been registered with the password. After that, you can enter your serial key in the ‘Redeem a Code’ column provided. Then, you just click submit to continue. Remember that you have to enter the serial key manually, not by copy paste.

2. For players who have never had a Guild Wars 2 account

As explained above, you must first enter the Arena.Net website. After that, look for the register button or After that, fill in the email that you want to register, the password, the account name you will use, and also the serial key in the ‘Game Serial Code’ column. Then, continue it by clicking sign up. You also have to type the code manually so that no errors occur. After that, you have to complete your data until it’s finished.

Those are things you should do to use the serial key in Guild Wars 2 service. Thing to note when entering the serial key is to type it manually. If you forget, the screen will display an error message. Hope the information above can help you!

Online games are usually associated with negative thoughts that will make the players lazy the whole day. Indeed, most children tend to be lazy to do anything when playing games, but actually It depens on them and their parents. Parents must be wise and firm so that their children can be balanced in carrying out their obligations and rights.

Online games are not always have bad influence on children because nowadays, online games can be used as a source of income. The number of tournaments and video games on YouTube can be used passive income. One of the most popular games among gamers is Guild Wars 2 because it has many weapons options. For more information, see the explanation below.

Kinds of weapons used in Guild Wars 2

1. Personal story weapon
The first weapon is known as personal story weapon. In Guild Wars 2 service, these weapons can be easily obtained because the vendor is not locked during the exploration in the personal story arena. You can buy it easily with the coins that you have collected. Every game purchased must be bought in a set. Examples of these weapons are Vigil’s Honor Weapons sets, Priory’s Historical Weapons sets, Pact Weapons sets, and others.

2. Karma weapons

The second weapon is known as a karma weapon that is bought in a vendor of the same name. This karma weapon is suitable for racing in the game. You can buy karma weapons in the form of sets. Examples of karma weapons are Krytan Weapons sets, Glyphic Weapons sets, Seraph Weapons sets, and others.

3. Weapon tokens

The third weapon is known as the token weapon purchased at the token vendor. You must have this type of weapon if you want to adventure in the basement. If you have this weapon, it will make it easier for you to follow a world vs world server which has various mission. Examples of token weapons are Molten Weapons sets, Royal Ascalonian Weapons sets, Nightmare Weapons sets, Kodan Weapons sets, and etc.

Those are some kinds of weapons that are used in Guild Wars 2 service. There are many more weapons that you can have in this game and you can explore yourself inside the arena to get them. Collect as many gold coins as possible so you can immediately buy them when you find it. Hope this article can be useful!

Guild wars 2 recently has update the content of the game. Now players can have REAL NEW Flaying Mount “SkyScale”, Legendary Accesories “Vision” and Legendary Ring “Coalescence”. These new update will change how to enjoy the game 🙂 Enjoy your Guild Wars 2 🙂  

Game is kind of entertainment thing that is usually played to get rid your fatigue and stress. Playing games is proven to reduce the level of stress because you will be taken to the world of imagination that has many challenges. Lots of online games are popular, one of the most favourite online games is Guild Wars 2. There are many different things on Guild Wars 2 that make its players get addicted. Well, here are things you should know about Guild Wars 2 service.

Things you should know about Guild Wars 2

1. Games with MMORPG types

The first thing you should know about Guild Wars 2 is the type of the game itself. This kind of game is MMORPG game. For those of you who don’t know about it, MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing are games that are played together onine. In other words, this game will make you fight against other players from different regions, or even cities.

The interesting thing about Guild Wars 2 service is you can play with players in different countries and servers. This game has a very wide area and reach the international area. So that you can find friends from outside the city and abroad then play together.

2. Having a challenging storyline

The second thing you have to know about Guild Wars 2 is it has a unique story that will challenge the player. Unique stories means that the unpredictable storylines in the game that will make you surprised for a while. This way, you won’t be bored easily in playing this game.

3. Players can still do fun activities at the highest level

The third thing you need to know about Guild Wars 2 is that the player can still play even though he has reached the highest level (level 80). You even have a special mission at that level because the secret skill will be opened. It also open a secret path in the Jungle that allows you to collect secret objects in it.

That’s some things you should know about Guild Wars 2 service. If you are interested in playing this game, don’t be afraid to lose. Just follow the methods above so that your level immediately rises and you have the strong power quickly. Hopefully the article above is useful for you.

Nowadays, playing an online game is not something rare anymore because almost all people have internet in their home, both by mobile data or wifi. The online games are growing rapidly through the technologies, one of them is the MMORPG online game. One of well known MMORPG’s game is Guild Wars 2 service or GW 2. For further reviews about this kind of game, here are 3 reasons why you should play Guild Wars 2 online.

Reasons why you should play Guild Wars 2 online

1. Have many types of weapons available

First reason why you should play Guild Wars 2 online is because of the variations on its weapons. This Guild Wars 2 service game has 8 types of weapons that can be selected based on the characters you play. Each character has its own unique weapon and you can adjust it according to your flagship weapon.

Every weapon that you choose must have their own skills. Of course, it is influenced by the character you choose. You also have to adapt your weapons to your environment in the game. Suppose if you are fighting in the water, then the weapons you used on the land cannot be used.

2. No monotonous event

Second reason why you have to play Guild Wars 2 is because it has many events that are not monotonous. You will not find this kind of events in other MMORPG games. Events on Guild Wars 2 tend to be dynamic with surprises that will make you addicted to play.

For example, your character is walking in the game arena, suddenly there comes an enemy that force to attacks you wildly. Or when you walk somewhere, there are some NPC characters who ask for your help. That way, you will not feel bored even though you have reached the highest level. Because every round you will be surprised by a very interesting event.

3. There is no ‘end game’ word

Last reason why you must play Guild Wars 2 is because there is no ending in Guild Wars 2. So when you have reached the highest level, you can still do other interesting things. Examples of things you can do are raid and dungeon fractals.

That was the 3 reasons why you should play Guild Wars 2 online. These three reasons will certainly make you more addicted to this online game. In addition, this Guild Wars 2 service is also very suitable for those of you who are very busy because they have flat leveling. May this article will be useful for you.

In old times, if you want to play online games, you have to wait for a long vacation to play an online game in the internet cafe. However, thanks to today’s technology, you don’t have to go to the internet cafe. You can play it at your own home whenever you have free time. One of the favorite PC online games is Guild Wars 2 from Arena.Net. For those who are curious about the Guild Wars 2 service, read the followings.

Reasons why GW2 is so addictive

1. Broader server coverage

First reasons why Guild Wars 2 is addictive is because the server range is wider than other MMORPG online games. As you know, MMORPG games must have a PvP system or play together with other characters online. You can really test your skills in this Player vs Player battle because you have to fight to collect points by fighting character of real human.

What’s different in Guild Wars 2 is the server that can reach the world vs world. It means that Guild Wars 2 reaches international areas. So you can meet other servers that will be more exciting for the players to fight. In each round, Guild Wars 2 service can display 3 servers at once. Because of the excitement, you even have to queue in playing this world vs world server.

2. Dynamic events

The second reason why Guild Wars 2 is addictive is because it has dynamic events on their battlefield. Dynamic events here means that the events are always changing unpredictably. With these kind of surprises, the players will not feel bored with this online game. For example, if you are exploring the battlefield arena, suddenly a group of monsters comes to attack you. So, you have to fight them without any preparation and it makes this game more challenging.

That’s some of the reasons why Guild Wars 2 is so addictive for you to play. Besides the two reasons above, this Guild Wars 2 service is also has many weapons with many different skills. You can choose the weapon you like the most for your best character. Maybe useful for you!

Guild Wars 2 is one of the most popular online MMORPG games for gamers. The concept is unique and full of surprises to make the players addicted to waiting for news of this game update. Finally, the party from Arena.Net announced the first expansion of the Guild Wars 2 online game entitled Hearth of Thrones. The existence of this news was an exciting news for its players. Well, to know more about Guild Wars 2 service, here are the features in Guild Wars 2 that you should know.

Features in GW 2 that you should know

1. The new battlefield location

First new feature in Guild Wars 2 service is the new location named Maguuma Jungle. This place is a kind of jungle which is the main headquarters of Mordremoth’s men. Mordremoth is the sixth elder dragon that rose when the city of Lion’s Arch was destroyed. This new place must be very fun to be explored with your characters. This Jungle is still a part of an ancient civilization that disappeared for a long time. Surely, this jungle holds lots of secrets that you can find along with their treasures.

2. New skills at the maximum level

The second new feature in Guild Wars 2 is the new skill for top level characters or level 80. You will be given a Mastery skill that can open a hidden part of the Maguuma Jungle. If you have not reached the maximum level, that part cannot be accessed by its users. In the hidden areas, you can search many valuable things and create a weapon by yourself. You are also given the ability to float on the air at this level.

3. New Guild headquarters

Third new features in Guild Wars 2 are the new headquarters for the Guild. In the descriptions given by the game developer, this new headquarters is only given to some selected Guilds. But, there is no information about the missions or the function about that place yet.

That’s the discussion about features in Guild Wars 2 that you should know. There are still many of other new features that have not been mentioned yet in Guild Wars 2 service. You can find it by yourself after exploring the online game. I hope this article can help you!