Beetle Feed Collection: Quick Guide to Do It – Guild Wars 2 Service

Beetle Feed Collection: Quick Guide to Do It – Guild Wars 2 Service

For the mission of getting your Roller Beetle mount is finishing Beetle Feed Collection. There are 8 items in total for you to get. The seven of them, you can find by searching around the area, but the eighth you can only get if you already getting the seven others. All of those can be found scattered Kourna, Tyria, and the Crystal Desert. Here are the details of how you finish this mission.

Completing Beetle Feed Collection

1. The First Three Items

There is an event called Trample scarabs with to prevent the Live Plague Scarab in the Domain of Kourna. Find the event in the Western Front and the Front Line. Next, dropped by the Plague Experiment and destroy 11 of them. You also need to smash plague experiment in the Moon Fortress. Defeat the big golem boss to get the Plague Scarab Egg. While the next item called Junundu Anchor is obtained by fighting the Junundu wurms in the sulfur of The Desolation.

2. The Rest of the Items

Hearth Beetle Slime is next, harvest in from the Alpha Beetle in the Far Silverwastes. After that, go to meet Milin and purchased Desert Lucifer for 50 Inscribed Shards. She is the Renown Heart vendor near Apizimic Grounds Waypoint. The sixth item is Frigid Wurm Goo that you harvested from Cave Wurms. Go deep underneath Ntouka Pond to find the location. Toxic Spider Yolk is also harvested from the toxic spider queen in Kessex Hills. Do the event by Earthlord’s Gap.

To get the eight items, you need to go back and find Petey. His location is near the Gorrik in the Domain of Kourna. You will receive it after you shown the 7 items you collected. Then, you will get your Beetle! This process is long and tiring, especially for someone that doesn’t familiar with the layout of the game. Even though the reward is great, it’s possible that some players can waste so much time trying to get it.

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